25/25 Series Merchant City Glasgow III Day 1A Level 1 50/100

by DAVID BLACKLAW on 15th January 2015 @ 18:17



19:49 New Table opened up. Players moving from around the room as Wullie Cheung enters. Paul Mctaggart, Tom Ward and Todd Cairns are moved to it. Gonna be some stuff happening here.


19:41 Hand on Table 3

Ewan B (previous 25/25 Champion) opens to 250 UTG+1. Called by Todd C in the cut-off and Liam S in the SB. Flop Jh6h5h. Liam leads out for 450. Called by Todd only. Turn 5c. Liam bets 1k. Todd gives it up.



Corker of a Table 5


19:26 Table six now being opened. Full Table draw once we get everybody in and i can post.up details.



Tables 3 and 4 at the Start of the Tourney.


Table 2


19:12 We now have 36 Players registered and around 15 players still waiting to BuyIn.

Brilliant start. 



Table 1


19:01 Shuffle up and Deal!!! Button starts on Seat 2.


19:00 Seat Draw is up.


18:58 Usual 12 Players waiting to buy in 1 Min before the Start.


18:54 5 Minutes until we get going.


18:46 Dealers getting the Chips ready.


18:39 Can Paul McTaggert do the Double


18:25 We have currently 17 Players Pre Registered via Sats and 4 Players have bought in.


18:21 Hello and welcome to the 25/25 Series III Merchant City. We are here for all 3 Day 1's and the Final Day 2.


Give us a shout out for your favourites.

Pictures coming soon of the Day 1A starters.

15th January 2015 @ 19:42
Hows the weather up there guys? Going to try and make the flight tmz. Coming up from manchester
Replied by SP Blogger on 15th January 2015 @ 20:11
Weather is fine. A little wet but should be okay for Driving
15th January 2015 @ 20:29
15th January 2015 @ 20:40
:-) ill be there adding to the pot...free chips
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