25/25 Series Edinburgh II - Final Table - Level 26 (30000/60000/6000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 8th December 2014 @ 2:11


03:18: Game over here. Official title winner, Paul McTaggart:

Here are all the cashers:

1st* £10,400 Paul McTaggart
2nd* £9,160 Chun Lee
3rd* £8,900 Tommy Noble
4th £3,660 Joyce Fleming
5th £2,510 Willie Cheung
6th £1,880 Ian Swan
7th £1,490 Paddy Doonan
8th £1,200 James McLean
9th £1,020 Gavin McGuire
10th £870 Steven Gray
11th £790 Scott Townshend
12th £720 Thomas Partridge
13th £650 David Woodward
14th £580 Allan Fraser
15th £580 Stuart Wilson
16th £530 Peter Donoghue
17th £530 Dany Coll
18th £480 Brent Burnett
19th £480 Vince Calenti
20th £480 Michael Paterson
21st £430 Gordon Wood
22nd £430 Paul Clements
23rd £430 Graham Pilkington

03:09: After a long negotiation we have a deal agreed. We are stopping the game here and Paul McT takes the title and the bulk of the prize money.

Paul McTaggart £10,400 (and the trophy)
Chun Lee £9,160
Tommy Noble £8,900

03:05: Chun asking for a bit more from Tommy's share. He wants £9,300 and says that's his final offer. Tommy counters with £9,100 for Chun. Paul throws in £80 from his share.....

03:04: Maybe not....Chun having 2nd thoughts after starting the negotiations. He is counting his stack down.....

03:02: Tommy proposes Paul take £10,460 and they take £9,000 each. Sounds like we have a deal!

03:02: Deal being discussed. Paul wants £11k and says the other 2 can do what they like with the rest....

03:01: Joyce has 44 vs Chun's AQ. King/Ten on the Flop and Jack on the Turn for the Nuts for Chun! Joyce out in 4th for £3,660.

03:00: Joyce shoves all in again (559k).  Chun calls...

02:58: Joyce shoves all in. No callers.

02:54: Paul opens for 130k and Chun calls from the BB. Heads up. Flop AhAd3s. Check/Check. Turn 9c. Check/Check. River 7d. Chun fires 100k. Paul calls. Chun takes it with 98o.

02:52: Paul takes one with King High BvB against Tommy.

02:50: Tommy opens for 120k, Chun calls in the SB then Paul 3bets from the BB. Both opponents fold.

02:45: Who's still reading this nonsense? Say Hello in the comments please.

02:44: Tommy opens the Button for 120k, Joyce calls from the SB and Chun also calls from the BB. 3-way to the Flop which is QdJc5d. They check to Tommy and he throws 135k in there. Joyce folds, Chun does too.

02:43: Paul opens, wins it.

02:42: Walk for Tommy from Paul.

02:42: Walk for Paul this time from Chun.

02:36: Tommy opens the Button and Chun calls from the BB. Flop 722. Check/Check. Turn Ten. Chun check/calls a 125k bet from Tommy. River 7. Chun check/calls another bet from Tommy, this time 375k. Tommy shows QUADS! Just the 77 in the hole!

02:33: Chun asks Paul, "Are you trying to Bingo me? You call every raise I make".

02:32: The fearless Chun makes it 200k from the SB into Paul again. Paul wants to see the Flop. It comes down Ts6h2s. Chun fires 200k. Winner. Shows Top Pair.

02:31: Walk for Chun.

02:30: Chun raises to 150k UTG, Paul 3bets and gets it through.

02:29: Chun asks if anyone is interested in discussing a deal. Paul immediately declines.

02:25: Joyce raises to 135k on the Button. Paul comes along from the BB. Flop QhJhJs. Check/Check. Turn 5s. Paul fires 200k. Joyce calls. River the very bricky 2d. Paul puts in about 700k. Gets the fold!

02:24: Paul starts off with a 120k raise UTG. Chun 3bets to 300k from the BB. Paul calls! Flop KJ7. Check/Check. Turn 2. Chun bets 300k. Wins it.

02:23: Back in action!

02:18: Stacks...





02:17: Chun has some stylish shoes!

02:15: Some wildly approximate counts 4 handed:

Paul McTaggart 1.9 million
Tommy Noble 900k
Joyce Fleming 1.3 million
Chun Lee 1.7 million

02:11: Players on a 15 minute break. Counts coming up.

8th December 2014 @ 2:23
Kenny McLean
Come on Joyce take it down
8th December 2014 @ 2:51
Jamie Bachoo
Still Reading! Good work on the updates. C'mon Joyce!!!
8th December 2014 @ 2:51
Go Joyce
8th December 2014 @ 2:52
Willie Elliot
I'm still here Martin, you're doing a grand job. Good luck to Paul & Tommy.
8th December 2014 @ 2:52
John Fleming
Still here waiting on my wee maw hen unleashing the fury!
8th December 2014 @ 2:52
8th December 2014 @ 3:02
Well done Martin and to all the players left
8th December 2014 @ 3:12
Willie Elliot
Good job Martin. Well played all, nice one Paul. Tropheee. :)
8th December 2014 @ 3:23
Thanks guys. Good night!
8th December 2014 @ 3:38
dennis shaw
hello Martin blog doing great as per usual, keep it up
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