25/25 Series Edinburgh II - Final Table - Level 25 (25000/50000/5000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 8th December 2014 @ 1:23


02:06: Break time!

02:04: Chun makes it 200k again from the SB into Paul. He calls. Flop JhTd4h. Check/Check. Turn 3s. Check and Paul bets 215k. Chun calls. River Ts. Chun bets 200k. Paul folds.

02:03: Break in 5 mins.

02:02: Walk for Chun.

02:01: Chun opens for 125k, Paul calls and Joyce shoves all in! Neither brave enough to make the call. She takes it down.

01:58: Double up for Noble! Paul raised enough from the SB to put him all in and he called with AJ. Paul had T8. The Ace High Flop was good enough for the win. Tommy back up to about 1 million.

01:57: Chun raises to 200k from the SB into Paul. He calls. Flop Js7c2d. Check/Check. Turn 2h. Check/Check. River 4d. Chun now bets 100k. No call.

01:53: Found a screw on the floor beside the FT. Story checks out as I was pretty sure already that one of the remaining players had one loose....

01:52: Tommy folds. Chun shows the King of Clubs.

01:51: Tommy makes it 105k from the button, Chun shoves all in with Tommy covered. Tommy in the tank.....

01:50: Everyone has  £3,660 secured here 4 handed. Here's what they are trying to upgrade to:

1st £13,800
2nd £9,020
3rd £5,640

01:49: Break in 20 mins. Willie get latest counts then.

01:48: The very active Chun opens again UTG and takes it down.

01:46: Chun opens 125k from the Button, Tommy shoves all in from the BB. Gets it through.

01:45: Tommy open-shoves from the cut-off. Chun asks for a count. It's 533k. He folds. He says "11 bigs? Hmmm. 10 bigs I would have called".

01:44: Chun folds. Paul shows King of Hearts after Chun begs him to show one.

01:42: Paul opens for 100k and Chun 3bets to 250k from the BB, Paul then 4bets to 715k! Chun thinking....

01:36: Lost Cheung! 5th for £2,510. He shoved all in with A2 over Chun's open and got called by 77. It held and the Glasgow Legend is on his way home. Down to 4 players.

01:32: Chun makes it 125k from the Button, Paul takes a Flop from the BB. It comes down Js7h5h. He checks, Chun bets 150k. Paul calls. Turn Jh (possible action card?). Nah, check/check. River 8s. Paul bets 311k. Chun calls. Paul has QJ and it's good.

01:31: Chun still thinking about the other hand and says "Now I think my Ace High was really good".

01:30: Joyce at it again. Raises to 210k from the Button. Willie calls from the BB. Flop Jc9s8s. Willie checks, Joyce bets 250k. Willie folds.

01:29: Next hand. Chun still desparate to know about the last one. Says to Joyce "Please tell me, was Ace High good?". No answer :-/

01:28: Chun eventually folds. Joyce does NOT show.

01:23: Joyce raises from the SB into Chun and he calls. Flop Qs8s5d. Joyce shoves in immediately (it's a lot, maybe 550k). Chun in the tank, asks for a count. It's 568k. He says "Will you show if I pass? I know you never show but will you show this time for me? Please".  He says he puts her on a bluff and is thinking of calling with Ace High.....

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