25/25 Series Edinburgh II - Final Table - Level 24 (20000/40000/4000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 8th December 2014 @ 0:24


01:20: Blinds up!

01:19: Joyce opens for 100k in the cut-off. Wins it.

01:17: Chun raises to 100k from the SB into Willie. Wins it.

01:14: Willie opts to make it 135k UTG this time, Paul calls in position. Flop Jc7h3c. Check/Check. Turn Qd. Check/Check. River 6d. Check/Check. Will has A7 but Paul is best with 88.

01:13: Raise from Paul on the Button, Joyce shoves all in from the BB. No call.

01:11: Raise and take it for Chun.

01:10: It's 556k for Joyce's all in. Chun folds. Paul in the BB says he has a pair and is thinking. He folds. Joyce wins it. Chun said he folded a pair as well.

01:09: Joyce shoves all in UTG. Chun asked for a count. It's quite a lot....

01:06: Tommy makes it 81k from the cut-off, Willie calls from the BB. Heads up. Flop Kc4h2c. Willie checks, Tommy fires 80k. Willie shoves all in! Quite a large amount. Tommy folds. Think Tommy down to about 700k now.

01:04: Paul puts in 80k UTG+1, wins it.

01:03: Chun makes it 100k UTG, no action.

00:59: Paul calls and has AQ. Ian in great shape with AK.......but..........the Flop is Queen High! The Turn and River are no help and Paul takes Ian out in 6th for £1,880.

00:56: UTG is very popular. Paul now opens for 80k from there. Ian shoves all in......

00:55: Will makes it 115k UTG, wins it.

00:54: Chun opens for 100k UTG, wins it.

00:50: Willie limps in for 40k, Ian completes the the SB and Tommy checks. All check the AQ8 Flop. Turn 4. Willie bets when checked to and wins.

00:48: Willie gives Paul a Walk. Paul shows AJ.

00:48: Willie gets a sympathy-walk from Chun! Willie shows Pocket Sixes.

00:46: Willie says "If anyone can get me on tilt it's you wee man" to Chun.

00:42: Willie is UTG and makes it 80k. Chun says "Ten thousand total" from the BB meaning to raise to 100k (I think he thought Willie limped in) . He is held to the 80k call. Flop QdJs3d. Check/Check. Turn Ac. Chun bets 120k (and says "Twelve" simultaneously). The 120k stands. Willie calls. River 7h. Chun bets 240k (no mix-up this time!). Willie folds. Chun asks him why he folded.

00:41: Tommy raises from the SB to 95k. Joyce folds the BB.

00:40: Ian takes one down with a shove.

00:37: Back in action. Here's the tourney clock. Average stack 1 million now!

00:28: Latest approximate chip counts:

Paul McTaggart 1.4 million
Ian Swan 450k
Tommy Noble 1.1 million
Joyce Fleming 750k
Chun Lee 1.3 million
Wilie Cheung 875k

00:26: Remaining prizes:

1st £13,800
2nd £9,020
3rd £5,640
4th £3,660
5th £2,510
6th £1,880

00:25: 15 minute break.

8th December 2014 @ 1:20
apo iz
Great job Martin :) Feel like I am watching the :)
8th December 2014 @ 1:21
apo iz
game :)
8th December 2014 @ 1:29
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