25/25 Series Edinburgh II - Final Table - Level 23 (15000/30000/3000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 7th December 2014 @ 23:37


00:24: Break time!

00:22: Tommy opens to 61k UTG+1, Chun calls on the Button, Paul calls from the BB. Flop 6d5h5s. Checked around. Turn 2d. Pauls berts 65k, Tommy calls, Chun folds. River Jc. Paul bets the River and Tommy calls. Tommy wins with 88.

00:18: Break in 2 mins then will get the 6 handed chip counts.

00:15: Paul has AQ vs Paddy's A5. The board runs out safe and Paddy heads home in 7th for £1,490.

00:13: Paddy shoves all in UTG. It's 313k. Paul calls....

00:09: Chun raises to 60k from the cut-off, Ian calls in the BB. Flop Ks8s2c. Ian checks, Chun bets 60k. Ian calls. Turn Jc. Ian checks, Chun bets 120k. Ian folds. Chun shows Kd.

00:05: Paul opens. Wins the blinds and antes.

00:04: Here's a reminder of the cashers so far and the remaining prizes:

1st £13,800
2nd £9,020
3rd £5,640
4th £3,660
5th £2,510
6th £1,880
7th £1,490
8th £1,200 James McLean
9th £1,020 Gavin McGuire
10th £870 Steven Gray
11th £790 Scott Townshend
12th £720 Thomas Partridge
13th £650 David Woodward
14th £580 Allan Fraser
15th £580 Stuart Wilson
16th £530 Peter Donoghue
17th £530 Dany Coll
18th £480 Brent Burnett
19th £480 Vince Calenti
20th £480 Michael Paterson
21st £430 Gordon Wood
22nd £430 Paul Clements
23rd £430 Graham Pilkington

00:02: Willie puts in 40k and it's a call (although he meant to raise by the looks of it). SB folds and Joyce checks the BB. Flop Ks5h4h. Joyce checks, Willie bets 50k. Wins it.

23:57: Paddy throws in 65k UTG, Willie 3bets to 175k in the cut-off, Paddy.................thinks long and hard.............then..............FOLDS.

23:55: Paul raises from the SB but Ian shoves the BB and Paul folds.

23:53: Paddy opens for 62k, Paul calls from the BB. Flop Js8d3h. Check/Check. Turn 4c. Paul bets. Paddy folds.

23:52: Wee pot for Willie.

23:48: Chun folds. It's Jim's 85 vs Joyce's 76. Joyce holds and she sends Jim packing. He's out in 8th for £1,200.

23:44: Chun opens to 60k, called by Jim (SB) and Joyce (BB). Flop 6d5s4h. Jim open-shoves first to act on the Flop, Joyce re-shoves, Chun in the tank.......

23:42: Willie opens for 60k. Takes the blinds and antes.

23:41: Paul opens to 60k, Ian calls and Tommy shoves all in from the SB. Paul folds but Ian in the tank.....he folds.

23:39: Chun Lee, representin' PokerInEdinburgh.com....

23:37: Paddy opens for 61k UTG, Ian calls from the SB. Heads up. Flop Jd6c6s. Ian checks, Paddy bets 50k. Ian folds.

8th December 2014 @ 0:18
Catherine McGonigle
Joyce here you go c'mon x
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