25/25 Series Edinburgh II - Final Table - Level 22 (12000/24000/2000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 7th December 2014 @ 22:23


23:36: Blinds up.

23:33: Chun opens the Button for 60k, Paul calls from the BB. Heads up. Flop AcAh2d. Paul checks, Chun bets 60k. Paul calls. Turn 8c. Paul  checks, Chun checks. River As. Paul bets 83k. Chun raises to 170k. Paul folds.

23:32: Paul opens 50k UTG, wins it.

23:31: Ian is now expressing his disgust at Jim's call pre-flop. Jim says he needs the chips.

23:27: Ian raises to 57k in mid-position, Jim calls on the Button. Flop AhJdJs. Ian checks, Jim checks. Turn Th. Ian immediately fires  60k. Jim likes it and calls. River Ks. Ian checks, Jim bets 101k. Ian calls. Jim has Q9o (Straight) vs Ian's AQ (same Straight), chop it up.

23:25: Chun playing the rush and raises to 60k again, this time UTG. Jim calls. It's a small pot and Chun wins it with 55 on a high board. Jim had 7s4s for Seven High. 

23:22: Chun..............CALLS! He has KQ. Gavin has KJ. No suckout and Gavin is out in 9th for £1,020.

23:21: Chun opens for 60k and Gavin shoves all in for 232k. Chun thinking....

23:17: Joyce shoves all in UTG+1 for about 240k. She gets a call from Paul. It's his 99 vs AQ. The Flop comes out low, another brick on the Turn but..........................ACE ON THE RIVER. Joyce doubles up!

23:16: We could be in for a loooooong night here!

23:15: Paddy makes it 50k UTG, wins the blinds and antes.

23:12: Willie opens for 70k in the cut-off and Paul 3bets to 211k from the Button. Willie has a wee think but ends up folding. Says "Close one, close one".

23:11: Chun opens for 60k in the cut-off, Willie calls on the Button and Paul calls from from the SB. Flop Kc6c5c. Paul checks, Chun bets 60k, Willie folds, Paul folds. Win for Chun.

23:10: Ian Swan has the FT Shades on. Must be taking it seriously.

23:08: Gavin opens for 50k UTG and Jim shoves all in! Looks like about 320k. Gavin folds.

23:07: Chun decides to fold. Nice pot for Willie.

23:06: Willie's stack is 376k so it's 256k more for Chun if he wants to call. He's in the tank......

23:03: Chun, in the SB, makes it 60k vs Willie in the BB. Willie calls. Flop Jh8c3d. Chun bets 60k again. Willie calls. Turn Jc. Chun bets 120k. Willie thinking it over here. He shoves all in! Chun asks for a count......

23:00: Paddy opens to 50k in the cut-off, Jim calls from the Button, the blinds fold. Flop As9d4s. Paddy bets 55k. Jim calls quickly. Turn Kh. Paddy shoves all in (looks like about 150k). Jim folds.

22:59: Paul opens for 50k mid-position. Gets it through. 

22:57: Paddy shoves all in from the SB into Jim and gets a fold.

22:56: Joyce open-shoves UTG+2. No call, she takes it down.

22:55: Pot 2 to Tommy. He 3bet Paul's cut-off open and took it down.

22:54: First pot to chip leader Paul McT.

22:53: Here they are!

22:50: Shuffling up!

22:37: Here's what they're playing for:

1st £13,800
2nd £9,020
3rd £5,640
4th £3,660
5th £2,510
6th £1,880
7th £1,490
8th £1,200
9th £1,020

22:35: Willie looking for a double up from cheap leader Paul...

22:23: Final table set:

1 Paul McTaggart 1645k
2 Gavin McGuire 356k
3 Ian Swan 692k
4 Tommy Noble 794k
5 Paddy Doonan 277k
6 James McLean 567k
7 Joyce Fleming 250k
8 Chun Lee 810k
9 Wilie Cheung 560k


7th December 2014 @ 22:36
John mcdermott
Good luck swanny take it down mate.
7th December 2014 @ 23:08
go girl, you can do it
7th December 2014 @ 23:16
john the guv
will someone please tell swanny that the manbag isn't a good look for a man of his advancing years and that the only bag he should be sporting is a colostomy bag
7th December 2014 @ 23:27
Catherine McGonigle
C'mon Joyce Lather up xx
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