25/25 Series Edinburgh II - Day 2 - Level 21 (10000/20000/2000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 7th December 2014 @ 21:22


22:22: Break before the FT starts now.

22:16: They got it all in the to Turn on the A65-8 board. I didn't catch all the action but Paul had the Nuts with 97 and Steven had A5 Two Pair. The River was a blank and Paul takes Steven out. Steven was well down from his peak of over 1 million chips before the hand started.

22:10: Boom! Final table. We just lost Steven Gray.

22:09: Gavin opens the Button but Ian 3bets from the SB and takes it.

22:07: Paul opens and Chun 3bets from the SB this time. Paul calls. Check/Check on the 988 flop. Turn 7. Check/Check. River 9. Check/Check. Chun says "Queen High". Paul shows KJ for the win.

22:02: Pot for Chun there on Table 2. It was 3bet pre-flop and he Check/Called a 135k bet from Paul McT on the Flop then on the Turn he said "I play all my chips. All in". Paul folded.

22:00: Still. Ten. Handed.

21:57: Paddy opens for 42k on the Button and takes down the blinds and antes.

21:55: Gavin opens to 43k UTG+1, Joyce moves all in the from BB and....................wins the pot.

21:53: Paul opens to 40k UTG and Chun 3bets to 100k from the Button. Takes the pot.

21:49: Table 1:

21:46: Here are Paul McT and Steven G. Plenty chips.

21:44: Looks like nobody wants to bubble the final table here. A Walk for Paul here in the BB and he shows.....AK.

21:40: Chun raises the Button to 50k and Willie calls from the BB. Heads up. Flop KsQdTh. Willie checks, Chun bets 40k. Willie raises to 115k. Chun folds showing a Queen. Willie also shows a Queen.

21:37: Paul opens to 40k in the cut-off, Steven calls on the Button and Chun 3bets to 110k from the SB. It gets through.

21:33: Chun Lee opens for 40k UTG, Willie calls from the Button. Heads up. Flop AdKc2c. Chun bets 40k. Willie calls. Turn 8s. Check/Check. River Ah. Chun bets 40k again. Willie calls.  Chun declares "King" but Willie then shows A5 for Trips and takes it down.

21:31: Willie Cheung has found his voice again after doubling up. He'd been a bit quiet for a while but is now happily chatting away to his tablemates and even encouraging the players on the other table to play some pots and stop just passing their chips back and forward.

21:26: The final table will be 9 handed so we are still playing on 2 x 5 handed tables at the moment.

21:25: Payout reminder:

1st £13,800
2nd £9,020
3rd £5,640
4th £3,660
5th £2,510
6th £1,880
7th £1,490
8th £1,200
9th £1,020
10th £870
11th £790 Scott Townshend
12th £720 Thomas Partridge
13th £650 David Woodward
14th £580 Allan Fraser
15th £580 Stuart Wilson
16th £530 Peter Donoghue
17th £530 Dany Coll
18th £480 Brent Burnett
19th £480 Vince Calenti
20th £480 Michael Paterson
21st £430 Gordon Wood
22nd £430 Paul Clements
23rd £430 Graham Pilkington

21:23: Still 10 left here in Edinburgh.

7th December 2014 @ 21:28
Catherine McGonigle
Martin great job keeping us up to date x
7th December 2014 @ 21:53
gordon wood
cmon Ian swan show the lads who's the daddy and win this one
7th December 2014 @ 22:13
a photo of each table would be great.
7th December 2014 @ 22:16
Catherine McGonigle
Yeeeeha Joyce c'mon the bookies lol x
7th December 2014 @ 22:17
Catherine McGonigle
Boobies x
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