25/25 Series Edinburgh II - Day 2 - Level 18 (6000/12000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 7th December 2014 @ 18:41


19:37: Dany Coll out! He shoved all in for 240k with 33 and ran in Tommy Noble's AA which held up. 17th for £530.

19:33: The Clock has been called on Table 2 four or five times now. The players appear to be unhappy about the length of time Chun Lee is taking with a lot of hands.

19:32: Plenty chips for Willie Cheung, Paul McTaggart and Steven Gray:

19:28: Tommy Noble open shoves 116k with QQ and is called by Thomas Partridge with AJ. Top Set on the Flop for Tommy N and he holds to double. Tommy is convinced that anytime I go near him with my camera he loses. This hand clearly disproves his theory.

19:27: Remaining players minus Brent Burnett :-(

19:25: Fifers dropping like flies! Lost Brent Burnett in 18th for £480.

19:19: Lost Vince Calenti all in with AT vs Scott Townshend's JJ. 19th for 480.

19:11: Michael Paterson out in 20th for £480. His JJ all in pre-flop didn't hold vs Scott Townshend's A5.

19:04: Double up for Joyce Fleming with AA vs TT.

19:01: Gordon Wood also just out on the other table! 21st for £430 too. Chun Lee took the chips.

19:00: Paul Clements out! He just shipped over 300k to Steven Gray. All in on the AhKx8h Flop with A8 Two Pair vs Steven's KhQh. The Heart came on the Turn and no pair up on the River to save Paul. 22nd for £430.

18:57: Graham Pilkington out in 23rd for £430. He got his short stack in with J9. Dany Coll had the AA and Paddy D also called with KQ. Paddy made Trips on the River and took the pot down!

18:46: The remaining players will be getting one of these prizes:

1st £13,800
2nd £9,020
3rd £5,640
4th £3,660
5th £2,510
6th £1,880
7th £1,490
8th £1,200
9th £1,020
10th £870
11th £790
12th £720
13th £650
14th £580
15th £580
16th £530
17th £530
18th £480
19th £480
20th £480
21st £430
22nd £430
23rd £430

18:40: Some of the biggest stacks from the break. 23 left. All in the money for £430 now.

Willie Cheung 600k
Peter Donoghue 510k
Paul McTaggart 500k
Scott Townshend 500k
Paddy Doonan 460k
Steven Gray 445k
Chun Lee 420k
Dany Coll 300k
Paul Clements 275k
7th December 2014 @ 18:47
wayne grieve
Good luck mr Gray
7th December 2014 @ 19:37
Ed Dawson
Good luck Joyce.
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