25/25 Series Edinburgh II - Day 2 - Level 16 (4000/8000/800)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 7th December 2014 @ 17:03


17:38: More chips for Willie Cheung. He just rivered a Set of 5s vs Chun Lee's AK. The flop was King High and he called a bet but Chun didn't bet the Turn and Willie checked back for his miracle. Willie bet 80k on the River and got the call.

17:33: We just had 2 players all in and called on different tables but both doubled! Stuart Wilson doubled with 55 vs Paul McT's A2 and Tommy Noble doubled with AK vs Michael Paterson's AQ.

17:32: Paddy Doonan looks to be on the up. Now about 400k.

17:31: Next player out gets £0 then it's £430 for 23rd.

17:23: Alan Armour out in 25th. We are now on he Bubble with 24 left! Hand for hand.

17:18: Ian Swan says his 2 sons are "pish at the game" and need to go back to training school. They both busted earlier and he is left carrying the Swan torch. He's looking ok with about 230k right now.

17:11: Down to 25 players. 2 more till the money!

17:09: Other recent eliminations include Ivan Hedge and Kev Finnie.

17:08: Break after Level 16. Should be into the money by then.

17:07: Dany Coll loves the blog...

17:05: There are 26 players left now and we pay 23. Getting close to the Bubble! Here's a reminder of the prizes:

1st £13,800
2nd £9,020
3rd £5,640
4th £3,660
5th £2,510
6th £1,880
7th £1,490
8th £1,200
9th £1,020
10th £870
11th £790
12th £720
13th £650
14th £580
15th £580
16th £530
17th £530
18th £480
19th £480
20th £480
21st £430
22nd £430
23rd £430

17:04: Paul Clements lost quite a lot of chips but has just doubled up his 50k stack, hitting a Flush Draw vs Peter Donoghue's Top Pair.

7th December 2014 @ 17:48
wayne grieve
Well can dany coll be the first 2 time winner let s see if he can good luck bud
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