25/25 Series Edinburgh II - Day 2 - Level 15 (3000/6000/600)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 7th December 2014 @ 16:24


17:00: David Blacklaw out. Down to 27 players. Breaking Table 4 now.

16:59: Joyce Fleming has bout 250k.

16:58: Ian Swan on about 205k. His 2 sons were involved in Day 2 but have both been eliminated so it's up to Daddy to do the business.

16:57: Dany Coll on about 190k.

16:56: Stuart Wilson from Aberdeen on about 100k.

16:55: Willie Cheung feeling good...

16:53: Paddy Doonan and Tommy Noble also on Table 4 with a few chips:

16:52: Chip leader Chun Lee and Steven Gray on Table 4:

16:48: Jamie "Hammy" Munro out. He got his KT in pre-flop in bad shape vs Paul Clements' KK and couldn't get there. Paul looks like he has about 250k now.

16:46: Makka Hussain out. He shoved his short stack 32k all in with KT and went down to Scott Townshend's JJ.

16:41: Here's Willie Cheung and his pal Paul McTaggart side by side again:

16:39: Jamie Caira out. His AA went down to Jim McLean's 7h6h when he hit Trips and they got it all in on the Turn.

16:32: Large one for Peter Donoghue taking out Willle Paxton and Brian Tannerhill! Willie shoved his shortie in pre-flop and the other two both called. Peter flopped a Set of 4s and Brian ended up making Two Pair on the River with his KT and he called Peter's shove. Down to 33.

16:24: More chips for Dany Coll (with the cap in the foreground). Didn't catch all the action but he shoved all in over a 42.5k Turn Bet from Jamie "Hammy" Munro and got a fold.

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