25/25 Series Edinburgh II - Day 2 - Level 14 (2000/4000/400)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 7th December 2014 @ 15:23


16:19: Big double for Jamie Caira AK vs Willie Cheung's TT pre-flop. He started the hand with 45k. Willie flopped a Set but the back door was still open...

16:16: Lost David Weeks, Barry Marsden, Graham Laing, Kris Clack & Allan Reid recently! Down to 35.

16:11: Dany Coll open-shoves for about 60k pre-flop with 55 and gets a call from AK. Doubles up!

16:10: Still on Table 1 Brian Tannerhill limps in for 4k in the Hijack. SB calls and BB checks. Flop Kh4d2c. Checked around. Turn 9d. Peter D checks, David Woodward bets 10k, Brian T raises to 20k. Peter folds and David folds. Pot for Brian.

16:07: On Table 1 David Woodward opens to 12.2k UTG. Brian Tannerhill calls from the cut-off. Heads up. Flop 9d7d4d. David open-shoves all in for what looks like 90k! Brian folds and David shows KcKs.

16:06: Down to 37. Average stack 163k. We have 6 million chips in play in total.

15:57: Neil Feenan out. He lost most of his chips with KK vs AK but stuck his last 8.6k in and got 2 calls from Graham Pilkington and Paul McTaggart. We only saw Paul's hand and it was 43o which hit Trips for the win. 39 remain. 23 paid.

15:48: Willie Cheung just stacked Gordon Huntly AA vs KK!  

15:43: Robert Franks out. 43 left. 23 paid.

15:34: Chip leader a little earlier on:

15:32: Chip leader = Chun Lee. Here are some of the biggest stacks:

Chun Lee 390k
Peter Donoghue 281k
Willie Cheung 273k
Paul McTaggart 245k
Paddy Doonan 235k
Alan Brown 225k
Ian Swan 220k
Tommy Noble 210k
Joyce Fleming 200k
Brian Tannerhill 205k
Gavin McGuire 196k
James Barrett 154k
Jim McLean 135k
Jamie "Hammy" Munro 114k
Jamie Caira 112k

15:26: Also lost Alexander Stuart, Jed Elliot, Lesley Devine, Chris Roberts and Arran Hastings.

15:25: Remaining 44 players. Just lost Thomas Wallace last hand before break.

7th December 2014 @ 15:48
wayne grieve
Come on horse face Allan read
7th December 2014 @ 15:49
allan read
Ur a horse face
7th December 2014 @ 15:50
Mr Wildig
Any updates on Graham Laing?
Replied by MJS on 7th December 2014 @ 16:00
Look like he is on about 60k.
Replied by MJS on 7th December 2014 @ 16:18
Just elminated :-(
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