25/25 Series Edinburgh II - Day 2 - Level 11 (1000/2000/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 7th December 2014 @ 10:00


13:47: Blinds up!

13:42: Didn't catch all the action but Allan Reid (Seat 9) just folded to a big Stuart Wilson (Seat 2) River Bet saying "Had to be a House". Board was 9s6c4h-Ad-As. It sounds like Stuart thought Allan had said "All In" and was putting a lot of chips in to call rather than betting or raising though!

13:36: Liam Spence out.

13:34: Here's a reminder of the rather tasty-looking payouts for the tournament:

1st £13,800
2nd £9,020
3rd £5,640
4th £3,660
5th £2,510
6th £1,880
7th £1,490
8th £1,200
9th £1,020
10th £870
11th £790
12th £720
13th £650
14th £580
15th £580
16th £530
17th £530
18th £480
19th £480
20th £480
21st £430
22nd £430
23rd £430

13:33: Janice Stevenson out. Down to 60. We pay 23 so long way to go!

13:29: Allan reid opens to 4k UTG+1. Called by Alan Brown in the SB. Flop 9h9c4h. Check/Check. Turn 8s. Alan B bets (didn't see the amount), Allan R calls. River Js. Alan B checks, Allan R bets 13k. Alan B calls after a wee think. Reid shows KsTs (King High) and Brown takes it with Pocket 6s.

13:28: Gary Gracey out.

13:25: Willie Cheung limps in for 2k UTG+1 and Thomas Partridge raises to 5.5k. Paul McT calls from the BB and Willie comes along as well. Flop Qc7h6s. Checked around. Turn Ks. Paul bets 8.3k, Willie folds and Thomas calls. River Ts. Paul checks. Thomas bets 25k. Paul.......folds.

13:19: Alan Brown opens to 4k UTG+2, Thomas Partridge calls on the Button, Stuart Wilson calls from the SB. 3 way to the Flop (9s8h2s). Stuart leads for 6k, Alan folds then Thomas makes it 15k. Stuart calls. Turn 4h. Stuart leads again, this time for 20k. Thomas calls. River 6s. Stuart fires 24k. Thomas Calls. Stuart shows Q9 for Top Pair but Thomas has A9 for the same with a better kicker.

13:17: Table 8 broken. Down to 62 now. Steven Gray moved into the vacant seat on Table 6.

13:16: I'm beside Table 6 in the back room today. Here's a shot of the main room though:

13:12: Lost Bojidar Boiadjiev. He didn't bother showing up to play his 3.7k stack.

13:05: Vince Calenti opens to 4k on Table 6, Thomas Partridge calls in position and  Lloyd Jack shoves all in from the SB for 23.4k more. Vince folds but Thomas makes the call. It's Lloyd's ACES vs TP's KQo. The Flop comes down......K......Q......3. Turn J. River 6. Lloyd off to take the mask off and head home. 

13:04: Quick exit for Kyle Swan! First out. Down to 69.

13:03: Game on!

13:00: Lloyd Jack has had a bit of a makeover for Day 2!

12:53: Sounds like Brent Burnett has had a tasty breakfast pre-tournament:

12:45: Bojidar Boiadjiev is the short stack with 3.7k, less than 2bb. Can he spin it up?

12:34: This is Allan Reid (161k). Can he go all the way?

12:33: Here are the rest of the tables:

10:55: Table 6 looks like a fun one. Think I'll sit next to it...

21:14: Day 2 will start Sunday 1pm. Here is the seating draw:

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