25/25 Series Edinburgh II - Flight B - Level 8 (500/1000/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 6th December 2014 @ 0:18


01:00: Break time!

00:58: Another nice pot for Paddy Doonan. This time vs new tablemate Thomas Partridge. Paddy got a 20k river call and showed 88 for a Full House. Paddy now has about 135k.

00:50: Last break in about 8 minutes.

00:47: David Blacklaw is still involved on Table 4. He's actually be going to be doing some of the live blogging from a few 25/25 Series Scotland events in 2015. I'll still be doing the rest but 8 over the year is a little bit too many for me to handle on my own.

00:46: Danny Dodds out.

00:44: Down to 36 over 4 tables now.

00:41: Short stack Stuart Wilson doubles up.

00:31: Neil Feenan is enjoying all the action on the live blog from the comfort of his living room!

00:23: Huge double up for Paddy Doonan through Dany Coll there. Paddy had a Set of Jacks and got a call on the River for an approx 35k shove into the already pretty chunky pot. Paddy up to about 105k now and Dany down to around 40k.

00:21: Maybury regular Norman Wilkie still involved. He has about 45k.

00:20: Cameron Alavizadeh out. 42 remain.

6th December 2014 @ 0:49
david weeks
Who is on Gary Graceys table?
6th December 2014 @ 1:21
Added a seat chart to latest blog post.
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