25/25 Series Edinburgh II - Flight B - Level 6 (300/600/50)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 5th December 2014 @ 22:40


23:19: Down to 47 from 82 now. Break time!

23:12: Dany Coll does it again, knocking one player out and taking chips from another. After a limp pre-flop Dany makes it 1.5k. This was called from the BB and the limper. Flop Kc8d5s. They checked to Dany and he c-bet 3k. Now the BB shoved all in for a little more (6.9k in total). The limper called and Dany also put in the extra 3.9k to see the Turn. It was 6h. The 2 players still involved checked. River 6s. Check to Dany and he bet 7k. His side pot opponent called and got the bad news when Dany showed 9d7d for a Straight (a nice Gutshot on the Turn). The other players showed KT and K9.

23:01: Paul McTaggart now has quite a nice stack:

22:57: Next break in 25 minutes. Will get some chip counts then.

22:55: Dramatic exit for Alex Ferguson. He tried a 5bet shove pre-flop with A4 against Paul McTaggart but ran into KK and couldn't find a suckout. It was quite a large pot for this stage as I believe Alex had about 45k to start the hand.

22:53: Jamie Ciara still alive but short at about 12k:

22:52: John Angus out. Down to 51.

22:48: Stewart Hay doubled his 4.1k short stack all in with K5 vs Dany Coll's 44. 

22:45: Chris Ferguson out.

22:43: Dylan Kirby out. Down to 54 now.

22:42: Thumbs up for Kev Finnie on Table 5:

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