25/25 Series Edinburgh II - Flight B - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 5th December 2014 @ 18:14


19:39: Up to 60 players already. Late registration till 9.15pm remember.

19:38: Boaby's chips were mostly shipped over to his pal, Jamie Munro:

19:37: Looks like Boaby Jardine is off to a bad start...

19:24: Same table, Paddy Doonan opens for 250 UTG and Roddy Scholes 3bets from the Hijack to 600. Back to Paddy and he 4bets to 1.5k. Roddy makes the call and we go to the Flop. It comes down JdJsJh. Paddy fires 1.2k. Roddy bumps it up to 3k. Paddy calls. Turn 9c. Paddy checks. Roddy thinks for a while but also checks. River 7s. Paddy bets 8k. Roddy folds after thinking it over.

19:21: On Table 1 Hugh Skilling limps UTG for 100 and Dany Coll opens for 350. Derek Gray calls from the BB and Hugh also calls. Flop ThTd5h. Dany bets 300 when checked to and both players call. Turn As.  Derek checks and Hugh bets 600. Dany calls. River Qc. Hugh bets 2.1k. Dany calls. Hugh tables AT for a Full House and Dany mucks showing a Ten.

19:11: Up to 54 players now. Here is the seating chart:

19:05: Mark Duguid en route to join the other 42 entrants in Flight B so far:

19:02: Shuffling up here. 38 players to start!

18:53: We have 27 players for Flight B so far and get started in about 7 minutes. Last night we started with 28 and got up to 79.

18:41: If you use Twitter please tag your tweets #2525edinburgh with any tournament updates so I can pick them up for the live blog. Many thanks.

18:38: Another previous 25/25 Series leg winner, Ewan Brown, also joining us for Flight B:

18:26: Aberdeen's Boaby Jardine has arrived and bought in. Boaby has final tabled 3 previous 25/25 Series legs winning one of them.

18:15: Flight B will be starting in 45 minutes. Expecting a really busy one tonight and more than the 79 that took part yesterday.

5th December 2014 @ 22:24
Just pointing out, I've made 4 final tables, not 3 :)
Replied by MJS on 6th December 2014 @ 1:24
Thanks. Will remember that for next time.
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