25/25 Series Edinburgh II - Flight A - Level 9 (600/1200/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 5th December 2014 @ 1:03


01:49: 36 players remain from the 79 that started.

01:48: Scott MacKain opens to 4k from the Cut-off. Wins it.

01:47: Phil McParlane opens for 3k in the Hijack. Called by David Weeks (SB) and Paulius Pausinaitis (BB). Flop KQ3 with 2 Diamonds. David check/shoves on Phil's 4k c-bet and wins it.

01:46: 4 mins left of this level. 1 more to go!

01:43: Paulius Pausinaitis opens for 3k UTG, called by Jamie Bowes (UTG+1), Arran Hastings (HJ), Scott MacKain (SB) and David Weeks (BB). Flop AcJcTh. Checked around. Turn 3d. Scott bets 8k. Gets it through.

01.40: Leon Sarandis all in from the Button. Wins it.

01:35: Jamie Bowes limps the Button for 1.2k and the blinds complete and check. Flop 9s8c5c. Checked around. Turn 6c. Jamie bets 3.3k when checked to this time.....and takes it down.

01:33: On Table 1 David Weeks opens for 3k in the Cut-off and Paulius Pausinaitis 3bets to 11k from the Button. David........folds.

01:31: We have 38 left now. 1 hour to go.

01:10: Here we go. 2 levels left tonight. 40 left from 79. Here are approx counts for the biggest stacks:

Kyle Swan 140k
Alan Brown 95k
David Cheung 80k
Willie Cheung 80k

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