25/25 Series Edinburgh II - Flight A - Level 10 (800/1600/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 5th December 2014 @ 1:50


02:41: Lost Scott MacKain and Stewart Hay. Game over. Chip counts coming soon.

02:30: Big double up for Brian Tannerhill with AQ all in pre-flop vs TT. He spiked an Ace. He must have over 160k now.

02:25: Kyle Swan takes a 55k hit with AA vs KK. A King came on the Turn!

02:21: 10 minutes left...

02:17: Willie Cheung has 150k+ now on his 2nd bullet. Breaking down to 3 tables. 27 left.

02:16: Paul McTaggart out too. 28 remain. 15 minutes left.

02:12: Oh well, ma jeans needed a wash anyway...

02:10: Down to 29 players. 20 minutes left.

02:08: Bob Knight out as is Mel Simpson. Last level knockout madness!

02:06: Louis Paxton also out.

02:05: Dropping fast. Phil McParlane out all in pre-flop with AQ vs David Weeks' KK. Didn't get there.

02:04: Chris Wilson out. His A6 short stack all in pre-flop vs Brian Tannerhill's AK didn't get there.

02:00: Ian Swan's stack on the up:

01:50: Last level of the night.

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