25/25 Series Edinburgh II - Flight A - Level 3 (100/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 4th December 2014 @ 20:20


21:01: Makka Hussain and Sam Ancell elminated in the same hand. Assume both will re-enter at the break.

20:59: Break in 2 minutes. We now have 77 entries and have lost 10 players so far. Prize pool generated £15,400. Of course we guarantee £25,000 but that should be easily exceeded tomorrow in Flight B which also starts at 7pm. Flight C on Saturday is earlier at 1pm.

20:58: Looks like Jim McLean is out but re-entering. Recent entrants also include Jed Elliot and Sam Wardlaw.

20:57: Here's Paul Green in a Paxton Sandwich! Willie P on the left and Louis P on the right.

20:56: Gavin McGuire and Bob Knight in action on Table 8:

20:55: First break in 6 minutes.

20:44: Willie Cheung's fairytale spin-up saga has come to and end. He just got about 16k all in pre-flop with AA vs Matthew McLelland's KK. The King on the Turn was a knife to Willie's heart and he's off the poker desk to re-enter.

20:43: Just been running around the room taking lots of pictures.

20:27: Here are the current tables:

20:21: The Amazing Willie Cheung has now run his 50 chip micro stack up to about 15k.

20:20: Level 3 is under way. We now have 70 players.

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