25/25 Series Edinburgh II - Flight A - Level 2 (75/150)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 4th December 2014 @ 19:39


20:18: Blinds up in 3 minutes. Entries close after the end of the next level plus the 15 minute break.

20:13: Lost another one and it's another final-tablist from the last leg! Colin McConaghy out. He got 2nd last time for a very tasty £8,000. He hasn't re-entered yet but expect he will at some point.

20:10: Back to the Willie Cheung Spin Up Story....he just got his 2.9k in pre-flop looking at one card (an Ace). He was against JJ but nae bother as his other card turned out to be another Ace and the Bullets held up.

20:07: It took a while for us to lose our first player but the honour goes to Gavin McGuire. Gavin actually final-tabled the last 25/25 Series leg and ended up with 5th place for £2,410. Looks like he's straight back in the game with a re-entry so we could still see him at the FT this time around.

20:06: Willie C now at 2.9k from just 50 chips a few minutes ago.

20:03: Mr Cheung all in again and trebles up with the Q3 again.

20:02: Willie Cheung all in again with his 425 and this time he has AK vs AQ. He doubles again! Can he spin it up all the way?

20:01: Willie all in next hand for his 50 and wins with Q3 vs 22. He now has 425.

19:59: Willie Cheung down to 50 chips after his big multi-street bluff vs Thomas Wallace didn't work out. Thomas flopped the Nut Straight and called Willie's last River shove despite the Flush completing.

19:57: More players to arrive including Sam Ancell and Chun Lee.

19:47: On Table 3 Gordon Wood (right) gets a favourable River vs Ross Gourley (left). Ross opened for 500 pre-flop and was called by Gordon on the Button. Heads up to the 6h3h2s Flop. Ross bets 900 and Gordon calls. Turn Ac. Ross bets 2,050 and Gordon calls again. River Qd and this time Ross checks. Gordon fires 3k which is snap-called by Ross. Gordon turns over AQ for top two pair. Gordon concedes showing A6 for his own top two on the Turn.

19:44: Notables Maj Iqbal, Makka Hussain, Thomas Partridge, Shaun Bennett, Willie Cheung, Gavin McGuire, Chris Wilson all now also involved in the flight.

19:40: Blinds up. We now have an impressive 62 palyers over 7 tables. No eliminations yet!

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