25/25 Series Edinburgh II - Flight A - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 4th December 2014 @ 18:39


19:24: Back on Table 1 we have 2 limps and John Angus makes it 325. Called by Gary Laing and Andy MacKenzie in position and the 2 limpers out of position. Flop Kc8c3h. Checks to John and he continues for 800. Gary Laing calls, Andy MacKenzie calls.  Turn7s. John checks, Gary Laing bets 1.1k, Andy MacKenzie calls and John does too. Still 3 handed. River Kd. John checks, Andy MacKenzie bets 1.7k out of turn before Gary Laing had a chance to act. Action is now back on Gary Laing and he now decides to bet 3.2k. Andy MacKenzie's 1.7k must stay in the pot under Grosvenor's rules and Andy can choose to fold leaving it in or make up the difference to call. He opts for the latter. John folds and Gary tables AK for Trip Kings which is good. Not for a good start to the tournament for Andy. Here are the 3 players: John, Gary and Andy.

19:17: Up to 50 players now. At the last leg we had 232 total over the 3 flights. Would be great to beat that this time.

19:15: John Angus takes one down there vs Andy McKenzie. John called Andy's 1.8k river bet and his Straight was good.

19:12: Here on Table 1 Arran Hastings limps in for 100 as does Leon Sarandis and Clem Price on the Button. Thomas Stevenson folds in the SB folds and Graham Pilkington checks. Flop 9s8d7s. It checks around to Leon and he takes it down with an 1,150 bet.

19:10: I'm located next to Tables 1 & 2 so will try to catch some hands from them.

19:09: Father & Son team Willie and Louis Paxton have just arrived and have been seated at the same table.

19:08: Now at 41 players. Going to be a very busy flight by the looks of it. Late registration open till 9.15pm. One re-entry allowed per flight.

19:02: Up to 34 players.

19:00: We are under way with 28 players!

18:56: We have 24 players in already with more queuing up:

55: Here are the chips values. We also have Black 25k chips but none of this in play to start.

18:40: We'll be kicking things off in 20 minutes here at The Maybury in Edinburgh.

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