25/25 Series Edinburgh - Final Table - Level 26 (30000/60000/6000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 13th October 2014 @ 2:18


03:14: Now 3 handed. Blinds going up!

03:13: Snap call from Chris and he shows KK. Billy has AJ. He says he hopes the Ace doesn't come! He has to work at 5am. He gets his wish as the board runs out dry. Billy Mundh 4th for £7,000.

03:10: Billy opens to 175k and Chris 3bets to 420k. Billy shoves.....

03:08: Big double for Michael through Billy there! Looks like 2.2million for Michael now.

03:06: Players a bit more relaxed now and they're playing some big pots!

02:59: Changes to the prizes agreed and playing on for the trophy. All 4 players guaranteed £7,000 now. The winne will get an extra £2,410.

02:55: Adjusted prizes:

1 £9,410
2 £7,000
3 £7,000
4 £7,000

*Plus a £500 tip for the staff        

02:55: Deal agreed!

02:54: We have £30,910 left to play for. The deal is:

£500 off as tip for the staff
£7,000 for each player
Playing on for £2,410 for the winner

02:53: Cancel that! Looks like we are now having a vote on that deal.....

02:52: After a loooong chat about the deal we have NO AGREEMENT. Playing on!

02:49: Sounds like £500 tip for the staff, play for £1,500 and chop the rest evenly 4 ways is the proposal.

02:47: Billy proposes an even 4-way chop.....

02:47: Deal being discussed again!

02:43: Latest wildly approximate stacks using my long-distance very-tried visual counting technique:

Colin McConaghy 800k
Chris Craig 2.1million
Billy Mundh 1.4million
Michael Crawford 1.4million

02:41: Colin the shortest stack now. Chris really built his 700k up this level. Now has about 1.9million.

02:38: Billy tries a limp UTG. Michael comes along on the Button. Something new! Both blinds in too. Flop Jh5h3h. Checked around. Turn Tc. Checked to Michael and he bets 150k. Billy calls. River 7h. Billy checks. Michael checks. Michael shows QTo (no Heart) and it's good.

02:37: Day 2 is now over 13.5 hours deep! Been a loooooooog day.

02:35: Chris raises to 150k from the Button. Billy calls from the SB. Heeds up. Flop 8s3s2d. Billy checks. Chris bets 150k. Billy.....folds that bad boy.

02:30: Colin v Chris again Blind on Blind. Decent pot for Chris. He shipped over the top of Colin's 300k Turn Bet and won it there.

02:29: Chris raises to 150k from the SB. Billy folds.

02:27: Colin raises from the SB. Called by Chris. Flop 7c4h2c. Check/Check. Turn Js. Check, Chris bets 125k. Colin snap-calls. River 7d. Colin checks. Chris checks and declares "Ace High". It's good!

02:22: Nothing agreed. We play on!

02:19: Looks like a wee chat about a deal is happening....

02:28: Latest approx counts:

Colin McConaghy 1.8million
Chris Craig 700k
Billy Mundh 1.9million
Michael Crawford 1.3million

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