25/25 Series Edinburgh - Final Table - Level 25 (25000/50000/5000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 13th October 2014 @ 1:32


02:14: Break time!

02:13: Chris makes it 115k. Billy calls from the Button. Michael also calls from the SB. Colin makes it a family pot from the BB. Flop QcJc3s. Michael checks, Colin checks, Chris checks, Billy bets 200k. All 3 fold!

02:12: Colin makes it 128k and...............takes the blinds and antes.

02:11: Walkies for Billy.

02:10: 232 players started, 4 remain. What a tournament!

02:09: Billy makes it 127k. Colin 3bets to 300k from the SB. Billy...................folds.

02:07: Going to be a 5-minute break at end of this level. Players have agreed.

02:07: Chris raises the Button to 115k. No call.

02:05: Michael opens for 127k. No call.

02:04: Colin raises from the SB. Chris calls. Flop KdTc5h. Colin checks. Chris bets 75k. Colin folds, showing an Ace.

02:03: Colin raises again to 126k. Michael calls from the BB. Flop Tc7d4d. Check/Check. Turn Ac. Colin wins it with a bet.

02:02: The remaining prize pool between the last 4 is £30,910.

02:01: Colin opens the Button for 126k. Gets it through. Billy says he would have called 125k.

01:57: 4 handed. No talk of any deals so far. Everyone has £3,530 locked up!

01:55: Approximate chip counts:

Colin McConaghy 1.4million
Chris Craig 850k
Billy Mundh 1.7million
Michael Crawford 1.75million

01:48: Gavin all in next hand (AT). Called by Colin (4h2h). Flop AdKh3s. Turn Ac. Looking safe.......RIVER 5h for The Wheel! Gavin out in 5th for £2,410.

01:47: More mad action! Gavin all in 610k with AT. Chris calls with AK and doubles up! Gavin down to 200k. Chris a bit under 1million now.

01:45: Richie all in blind next hand and finds T6o. Billy calls with A4 and takes him out. Richie Doonan 6th for £1,810.

01:39: BvB all in with A8 for Chris and K7 for Richie. The A8 holds and Chris doubles his 204k stack. Richie down to about 90k.

01:38: Still 6 handed here. Average stack 967k. 5.8million total in play. £1,810 secured by all.

01:37: Walk for Billy from Richie.

01:36: Colin raises to 125k from the cut-off. Wins.

01:35: Billy's at it again; shoves all in (about 1.2million)! No action.

01:34: Prize reminder:

1 £13,280            
2 £8,670                
3 £5,430                        
4 £3,530                        
5 £2,410                        
6 £1,810                        
7 £1,440 Andy Rooney
8 £1,160 Davie Gallagher
9 £970 Maj Iqbal
10 £850 Norman Wilkie
11 £760 Mark Cuggy
12 £690 Leon Sarandis
13 £620 Neil Feenan
14 £560 Gary Gracey
15 £560 Bob Cummings
16 £510 Stewart Hay
17 £510 Stuart White
18 £460 GK Kamal
19 £460 David Girdwood
20 £460 Alan Baillie
21 £420 Andrew Feenan
22 £420 Jamie Duffy
23 £420  Chris Barclay

01:34: Richie has KK, Gavin 98o. Richie doubles.

01:33: Richie all in next hand for 173k. Gavin calls.

13th October 2014 @ 1:53
Go colin !!
13th October 2014 @ 2:05
Keep going mikey
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