25/25 Series Edinburgh - Final Table - Level 24 (20000/40000/4000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 13th October 2014 @ 0:29


01:31: Counts done. Richie down to about 150k.

01:30: Another HUGE hand! Richie 4bet shoves TT and is called by Michael's AK. The AK gets there! Counts happening now. Not sure if he is still in.

01:25: More action! Gavin shoves with TT and gets called by Richie with 88. The Tens hold and Gavin doubles!

01:23: Billy's Ah7h vs Andy's KK! The Flop comes down with 2 Hearts for the sweat, blank on the Turn and.........Heart on the River! Billy hits the Flush and elminates Andy Rooney in 7th for £1,440.

01:22: Billy goes for a fourth try but gets a call from Andy....

01:21: Billy goes for the Hat Trick and shoves again! Another no contest.

01:19: Billy shoves all in again! Takes it down.

01:18: Billy all in! NO CALLERS.

01:17: Colin plays the rush and opens UTG to 110k. Wins it! Shows AK.

01:16: Colin shows TT and Richie 88. Colin hits a full house for good measure and gets a huge double up!

01:14: Colin shoves again (596k). Richie re-shoves!

01:13: Colin's turn to shove all in. NO CALLERS.

01:10: Billy shoves all in. NO CALLERS.

01:08: Colin shoves from the SB (456k) into Gavin. He's in the tank...........but folds.

01:07: Billy shoves all in this time. NO CALLERS.

01:06: Chris shoves all in for 269k. NO CALLERS.

01:05: Richie opens the Button for 90k. NO CALLERS.

01:01: Michael makes it 85k UTG. Wins it.

00:59: Colin shoves from the SB. Gavin folds.

00:57: Richie opens to 90k in the cut-off. Andy ships all in from the BB. It's 517k..........Richie folds.

00:55: Andy opens to 100k UTG this time. NO CALL!

00:45: Andy open-shoves. You guessed; no call.

00:53: Gavin opens the Button to 85k. No action!

00:51: Gavin shoves from the SB. No call.

00:50: Michael opens for 85k on the cut-off.  Wins it.

00:49: Andy all in from the SB. Wins it.

00:46: Gavin opens for 85k UTG+1. Wins it.

00:45: Michael opens for 125k UTG. No action.

00:44: FT back in action!

00:43: Thanks for the comments, guys! Good to see there are still plenty of people awake following this.

00:33: Here's a reminder of the payouts. 7 left and they have £1,440 locked up.

1 £13,280            
2 £8,670                
3 £5,430                        
4 £3,530                        
5 £2,410                        
6 £1,810                        
7 £1,440                        
8 £1,160 Davie Gallagher
9 £970 Maj Iqbal
10 £850 Norman Wilkie
11 £760 Mark Cuggy
12 £690 Leon Sarandis
13 £620 Neil Feenan
14 £560 Gary Gracey
15 £560 Bob Cummings
16 £510 Stewart Hay
17 £510 Stuart White
18 £460 GK Kamal
19 £460 David Girdwood
20 £460 Alan Baillie
21 £420 Andrew Feenan
22 £420 Jamie Duffy
23 £420  Chris Barclay

00:30: Counts at the break:

Andy Rooney 360k
Colin McConaghy 600k
Gavin McGuire 410k
Chris Craig 460k
Richie Doonan 2,130k
Billy Mundh 740k
Michael Crawford 1,000k

13th October 2014 @ 1:19
Nice one Colin
13th October 2014 @ 1:34
Marty the Party
Go on Gavlar! Bring this home to Falkirk and I'll organise the open top bus! Tarts on tap...P Diddy style lol
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