25/25 Series Edinburgh - Final Table - Level 23 (15000/30000/3000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th October 2014 @ 23:39


00:25: Break time!

00:20: Richie opens, Gavin calls from the BB. Flop AsKh4h. Richie's c-bet gets through.

00:18: Richie up to just over 2million chips now. 5.8million in play total.

00:17: Blog been running since 1pm so coming up for 12 hours! Still 7 handed so could be an even longer night. Gavin opens for 65k. Wins it.

00:16: Colin makes it 75k. Wins the blinds and antes.

00:15: If you are reading this say Hello in the comments please!

00:13: Richie opens to 75k. Call from Gavin in the SB. Flop Jc6s5d. Gavin checks. Richie bets 105k. Gavin calls. Turn Qc. Gavin checks. Richie bets 250k. Gavin........folds.

00:10: Michael eventually decides to lay it down. Richie drags in the chips.

00:04: Richie raises the Button and Michael calls from the BB. Flop Qd5c3c. Check and Richie bets 108k. Michael calls. Turn 8d. Michael checks. Richie checks. River 9s. Michael bets 125k now. Richie raises to 425k! Michael thinking for a long time here..

00:03: Approx counts...

Andy Rooney 460k
Colin McConaghy 650k
Gavin McGuire 620k
Chris Craig 400k
Richie Doonan 1.5million
Billy Mundh 640k
Michael Crawford 1.3million

23:57: Colin opens to 75k from the SB. Wins.

23:56: Andy shoves from the SB. Wins.

23:55: Gavin opens for 65k. Wins.

23:54: Colin opens to 75k this time. No action.

23:51: Colin opens to 60k. Richie 3bets to 165k from the SB. Colin calls. Flop Kd8s5c. Richie leads for 150k. Colin calls. Turn 9c. Richie bets again, about 255k. Colin gives it up.

23:44: Andy open-shoves all in. Gets it through.

23:42: Richie opens 75k in the cut-off. Billy shoves all in from the Button.  Richie folds showing an Ace.

23:41: Andy open-shoves all in UTG. Gets it through.

13th October 2014 @ 0:18
Marty the Party
Come on Guvnor! Bring home the bacon...its Party Time!
13th October 2014 @ 0:18
derrick hay
Keep up the good work been watching all day
13th October 2014 @ 0:18
come on mikey!
13th October 2014 @ 0:19
derrick hay
Nice work been trolling all day cheers
13th October 2014 @ 0:20
dave hosty
Go on Mikey bring it back to Fife!!! Rough count?
13th October 2014 @ 0:20
Allan Goldie
Keep it going Mikey
13th October 2014 @ 0:21
Mel Simpson
Hello!!! Well done keep up the good work.
13th October 2014 @ 0:21
Mikey must have about 1million still.
13th October 2014 @ 0:21
Hi everyone! Thanks for following.
13th October 2014 @ 0:22
Barry McQueen
Hello!! Doing a great job mj . Come on Mikey bring it home to Fife
13th October 2014 @ 0:23
Brilliant Updates.
13th October 2014 @ 0:23
Mel Simpson
I am cheering on Ritchie! What happens if it's not finished for half four?
13th October 2014 @ 0:23
Good job MJS
13th October 2014 @ 0:23
I guess it's a chip chop if not done by closing time. I think we'll get there ok before that though.
13th October 2014 @ 0:29
steed snr
good work martin
13th October 2014 @ 0:32
kev finnie
Enjoying the blog ...... Well done mjs. Your cucumber fingers must be getting sore matey. Great information .....spelling and grammar not bad either . All in all 10/10 :))))
13th October 2014 @ 0:34
Doing a great job. I hpope you don't get paid by the hour
13th October 2014 @ 0:39
Hello & Great Job, brilliant quality blog Well done!!!
13th October 2014 @ 0:50
dennis shaw
Great work Martin keep the coffee flowing
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