25/25 Series Edinburgh - Final Table - Level 22 (12000/24000/2500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th October 2014 @ 22:56


23:33: Davie opens for 85k. Michael 3bets to 245k. Davie shoves all in and Michael calls. Davie has KQ vs Michael's QQ. Davie eliminated in 8th place for £1,160.

23:24: Davie makes it 80k from the Button. Richie 3bets to 187k from the SB. Davie calls. Flop 5c2d2c. Richie bets 145k. Davie raises to 325k. Richie has about 300k behind and is in the tank. He shoves all in! It's 112k more for Davie but he doesn't like it. Thinks for a while before making the call into a pretty big pot. Richie shows AQo (Ace High) vs Davie's QhTh (Queen High). No change on the Turn and River and Richie scoops it.

23:23: Andy makes it 60k mid-position. No contest.

23:20: Michael opens for 60k mid-position, Gavin 3bets the Button to 140k. Michael thinks for a long time and.........folds.

23:19: Andy makes it 60k from the cut-off. No contest.

23:18: Richie opens for 57k mid-position. No contest.

23:17: Davie opens for 60.5k mid-position. No contest.

23:13: Colin opens 51k UTG. Called by Davie in position. Heads up. Flop AsJd3s. Colin leads for 75k. Davie calls. Turn 2d. Colin bets 125k. Davie calls. River Ah. Colin moves all in! David quickly..........................folds.

23:12: Billy makes it 74k from the SB. Michael calls from the BB. Flop AsKdJc. Billy bets 75k. Michael.....lets it go.

23:10: Gavin opens to 55k in the Hijack. Called by Chris in position. Flop QcJs3d. Gavin bets 65k. Chris folds.

23:09: Michael opens to 60k UTG+1. Richie calls from the BB. Flop AsQh3c. Richie checks. Michael bets 80k and takes it.

23:08: Craig gives Davie a walk!

23:03: Richie opens to 55k UTG+2. Billy shoves all in for 230k! Richie calls with AJ and is against KK. Billy hits a Set and doubles up.

22:57: Colin opens for 51.5k UTG+1. Maj shoves all in! Colin calls. It's 99 (Colin) vs Ac6c (Maj). Colin hits a Set and eliminates Maj.

22:56: Michael opens to 55k UTG and wins the blinds and antes.

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