25/25 Series Edinburgh - Day 2 - Level 17 (5000/10000/1000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th October 2014 @ 17:52


18:51: 20 players left. Average stack 290k. A total of 5.8million in play. Average at the Final Table will be 644k. Richie Doonan has around 1million now.

18:39: Carnage on Table 1 with 2 players down! Richie Doonan opens to 25k, Andrew Feenan shoves all in for 170k and Jamie Duffy calls with his shorter stack from the BB. Richie thinks it over and makes the call. He has 55, Andrew has QQ and Jamie 99. The flop comes Qs8h4s and it looks like it's all over but.......3s on the Turn and As on the River make a Flush for Richie's 55. The crazy thing was that Richie's brother on the rail called for the Ace of Spades before it came out! 2 players down. Now at 20.

18:38: Chris Barclay out!

18:34: Jamie shoves again and gets it through again!

18:33: First hand back Jamie Duffy shoves his 33k (3bb) stack and gets it through! Steals the blinds and antes! Amazing.

18:31: Back in action! Here are the full (approximate) chip counts for the last 23:

Table 1
Maj Iqbal 220k
Richie Doonan 795k
Andrew Feenan 180k
Gavin McGuire 290k
Jamie Duffy 40k
Gary Gracey 555k
Billy Mundh 185k

Table 2
David Girdwood 140k
Norman Wilkie 100k
Mark Cuggy 420k
Stuart White 125k
Neil Feenan 640k
Colin McConaghy 135k
Davie Gallagher 477k
Leon Sarandis 97k

Table 3
Chris Craig 350k
Bob Cummings 160k
Alan Baillie 115k
GK Kamal 275k
Michael Crawford 127k
Chris Barclay 55k
Stewart Hay 90k
Andy Rooney 85k

18:20: All 23 remaining players in the money. On a 15 minute break now.

18:16: Bubble burst! Patrick Neil McGonigle is the Bubble Boy/Man. Patrick had AJ (46k stack) and Richie Doonan called from the BB with Ks5s and hit a Flush.

18:08: All in and a call! Michael Crawford at risk with KQ and around 60k. GK Kamal shows 96o with him well covered. Michael hits a King to double and we are still Hand for Hand.

17:54: The 3 tables on The Bubble:

17:52: Break suspended due to The Bubble. still 24 left. Will play on until we lose a player.

12th October 2014 @ 18:35
Paul Gupta
Come on Maj, Davie Gallagher and Mark Cuggy
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