25/25 Series Edinburgh - Day 2 - Level 15 (3000/6000/600)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th October 2014 @ 16:18


17:05: David Girdwood representin' Aberdeen still involved:

17:04: Lesley Devine out. AT preflop vs Richie Doonan's AJ. 28 left.

17:02: Update on Michael Crawford for the Fife Lads. Just ask on the comments section if you want pics or counts from any other players and I'll see what I can do.

16:57: Sexy stack for Richie Doonan now:

16:55: Lost Danny Chan on Table 1. 76o all in preflop short stack vs Gary Gracey's KQ. Down to 29.

16:54: Lost Lloyd Swan on Table 4. QQ vs GK Kamal's A7 all in preflop. GK got there with Two Pair. Here is lucky GK stacking the chips:

16:42: Shane Ross out! Richie Doonan got 'im. 33 left. 23 paid.

16:41: David Gillies out! Sent home by Neil Feenan.

16:40: Here is Davie G and his big stack now:

16:36: Davie Gallagher dispatches another one! His 66 held up all in preflop vs Jonny Lynas' AK this time. Very healthy stack now.

16:35: Chris Welsh out. Down to 35 over 4 tables now.

16:29: Todd Cairns out. After Shane Ross limped the Button for 6k Todd shoved about 60k all in from the SB with A9o. Gary Gracey re-shoved with AQ and Shane folded. Flop Nine High but Gary rivered a Queen FTW. 36 remain.

16:24: Gordon Anderson out. He ran his JJ preflop in Davie Gallagher's AA (pictured)!

16:22: Here are some of the biggest stacks:

12th October 2014 @ 16:43
kev finnie
Hi Martin Great blog as usual sir Any possibility of getting total chip counts Big ask :))))) Thanks kev
12th October 2014 @ 16:44
Davie FTW
12th October 2014 @ 16:47
Can't get all players' counts easily. Will get as many as possible at next break, end of Level 16 though. Should be down to a more manageable number then. There are 5.8 million chips in play. Average currently 187k. 31 left.
12th October 2014 @ 17:07
How are the dundee lot getting on (cuggy and Leon)?
12th October 2014 @ 17:08
bob adams
How much has Leon sarandis
12th October 2014 @ 17:09
How's cuggy getting on being one of the 2 FIFERS left in
12th October 2014 @ 17:21
Cuggy on about 430k! Leon 130k.
12th October 2014 @ 17:23
216 left. Average 223k.
12th October 2014 @ 17:23
26 left!
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