25/25 Series Edinburgh - Day 2 - Level 14 (2000/4000/400)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th October 2014 @ 15:18


16:10: Double up for Chris Welsh with AA. Back in the game. Richie Doonan was his opponent.

16:03: Chris Barclay on Table 3 had about 22k a few hands before the end of the break but he now has around 250k. Quite a rollercoaster; 7bb to up with the top stacks!

15:59: Todd Cairns on Table 1 watching his pal Neil on Table 2:

15:51: 39 left. On Table 1 Andrew Feenan opens to 11k on the Button. Called by Chris Welsh in the SB and Shane Ross in the BB. Flop AhQhJh. Chris checks. Shane bets 18k. Called by the 2 other players. Turn Kd. First to act, Chris shoves all in what looks like over 100k! Shane folds. Andrew calls! He has 86k. Chris has KhQd for Two Pair and the Nut Flush Draw. Andrew has AsKs for Top Two Pair. Brick on the River and Andrew Feenan gets a big double up. Chris Welsh looks like he's down to about 55k.

15:46: Big pot between Lesley Devine and Richie Doonan on Table 1.  She folds to his 45k River Bet though.

15:46: George Gilhooley out.

15:42: Tony Crolla out. 41 left.

15:38: Oooops, @AntManB (Ewan Brown, previous Edinburgh 2013 winner) just busted!

15:36: Updates from a couple of punters still involved:

15:33: Slection of the biggest stacks from the remaining 43 players:

Neil Feenan 274k
Paul Clements 264k
Gavin McGuire 225k
Stuart White 225k
Bob Cummings 202k
Richie Doonan 199k
Gary Gracey 187k
Stewart Hay 187k
Andy Rooney 180k
Colin McConaghy 170k
Chris Craig 167k
Andrew Feenan 160k
GK Kamal 157k
Richard Dewar 156k
Jamie Duffy 139k

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