25/25 Series Edinburgh - Day 2 - Level 13 (1500/3000/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th October 2014 @ 14:35


15:19: Break time!

15:18: Big hand just before the break and we lose Makka Hussain! Chris Welsh opens for 7k and todd Cairns shoves all in for about 73k. Makka in the SB then tank/shoves his smaller stack (35k). Chris folds so it's cards over. Makka says "Show me Nines, please". Todd obliges and shows 99! Makka has TT. Flop QQ4. NINE ON THE TURN! River 5. Makka eliminated.

15:14: Andrew Feenan opens to 8k UTG+1. Todd calls in position as does Gary Gracey. Flop 9d6s5s. Andrew checks. Todd bets 12k. Gary raises to 37k. Andrew folds. Todd sighs then folds. He shows JJ and asks Gary if it was a good fold. Gary says Yes and shows 99 for Top Set!

15:11: Down to 45 now. The exits slowing down a bit. First break in 7 minutes. Will get some chip counts for you after that.

15:10: Here is Gavin McGuire in action on Table 5:

15:05: Todd make it 7k UTG. Called by Shane in the BB. Heads up. Flop KdQsJc. Check/Check. Turn 9h. Check, Bet, Call. River Th. Check. Todd  moves all in. Gets it through. Shane asks if he had an Ace. Todd says he did plus a pair on the Flop.

15:03: Shane Ross opens to 10k UTG. Called by Gary Gracey in position and Andrew Feenan in the SB. Flop Kc9s8s. Shane bets 14k and takes it.

15:00: Shane Ross opens to 6.5k UTG+2. Makka calls from the SB. Heads up. Flop QcQs4h. Check/Check. Turn 7h. Check/Check. River 7d. Check/Check. Shane wins with AK, Ace High. Makka shows 66 for a counterfeited pair.

14:58: Blind vs Blind. Billy Mundh gives Makka a walk.

14:56: Makka opens for 6.5k UTG. Billy Mundh calls from the BB. Flop 8s4h3c. Billy checks. Makke bets 6.5k. Billy moves all in! Makka thinks it over and......folds.

14:55: Blind vs Blind, Todd C vs Gary Gracey. Todd raises to 7.5k from the SB and Gary folds. Todd shows AT.

14:53: Makka H open-shoves from middle position. Todd C in the BB shows KhTh and folds.

14:52: Todd Cairns opens to 6k UTG. Andrew Feenan 3best to 13k from the Button. Todd calls. Heads up. Flop 8d8s4d. Todd checks. Andrew bets 13k. Todd folds.

14:49: Shane Jan Ross limps UTG. Makka Hussain shoves from the cut-off what looks like about 45k. No callers.

14:48: Double up for Shane Jan Ross there through Chris Welsh. AT vs QhJh all in preflop.

14:43: Down to 47 now. Here are the remaining players:

14:36: Day 1A Chip Leader John Stirling out. He started with 175,100 today.

14:35: Into Level 3 now. 48 left from the 68 that started.

14:34: Loads of phots of players on Facebook:



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