25/25 Series Edinburgh - Day 2 - Level 12 (1200/2400/300)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th October 2014 @ 13:47


14:33: On Table 1 Todd Cairns opens to 5k and is called by Andrew Feenan in the BB. Flop Ad9c4d. Andrew checks and Todd bets 6k. Andrew calls. Turn Jh. Andrew checks. Todd checks. River Kd. Andrew checks. Todd Checks. Andrew declares "Flush" and shows 5d3d. It's good.

14:28: Down to 48 players now.

14:16: Off to take some photos round the room. Back in a bit.

14:14: Nae bother for Gordon though; he's just doubled up with a Set of 7s vs AQ Top Pair. Davie Gallagher had the AQ.

14:10: Gordon Anderson finally arrived 1hr 10mins late! He now has 55.9k so has lost about 21k.

14:07: Sad times for Jamie Caira; he's just blinded up whilst stuck in traffic! He had 19.4k to start the day but has just lost it :-(

14:06: Thomas Partridge out. I assume he is anyway as I can see him at the £1/2 NL cash table in the background.

14:01: Big double up for Richard Doonan vs Makka Hussain. All in on the Jack High Flop with JT (Makka) vs QQ (Richard). The Queens held and Makka looks to be down to about 60k. Richard probably has about 250k now.

14:00: Players clearly loving the live blog. Here are Todd Cairns and Neil Feenan checking it out at the tables:

13:57: Down to 51 players now. Lost 17 already! 23 paid so still a long way to the money.

13:54: Tracey Dunn out! AK vs Stuart White's AA all in preflop. No suckout.

13:52: Still 3 players stuck in traffic! Jamie Caira (down to 5k from 19k), Gordon Anderson (down to 60k from 78k) and Norman Wilkie (down to 80k from 95k) not arrived yet.

13:51: David Weeks, Nathan Farnaby and Graham Pilkington out.

13:50: 3 players waiting for £1/2 NL at Maybury right now. Come along if you fancy a game.

13:47: Second level of Day 2 under way.

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