25/25 Series Edinburgh - Day 2 - Level 11 (1000/2000/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th October 2014 @ 12:46


13:44: Blinds about to go up.

13:39: Todd Cairns now on Table 1 lost a lot of chips earlier to John Stirling. He has now just doubled up his 57k stack with AK vs Chris Welsh's AQ here though.

13:37: Davie Gallagher limps UTG.  David Gillies on the Button raieses to 4.5k. Colin McConnaghy calls from the BB and Davie Gallagher calls. Flop Tc4c2c. Check/Check and David Gillies bets and takes it. Shows Ts.

13:35: Dennis Kennedy out!

13:34: Phil Starrs out all in preflop with AQ vs Tracey Dunn's 99 which held up.

13:26: Stuart White opens for 5.5k. David Girdwood shoves all in for about 25k! It's Stuart's AK vs David's Ad2d. The Flop comes out and David gets ready to leave but it has 2 Diamonds!

The turn is a blank but the River brings his Flush and now he's looking pleased with himself:

13:24: On Table 2 Colin McConaghy raises the Button and wins the blinds of Davie Gallagher and Phil Starrs.

13:23: George Devine out. Stuart White did the damage. Down to 63 now.

13:20: UKIPT Champ Chris Ferguson is out! KJ vs KT on a KT6-x-K board. All in on the Turn. Andy Rooney was the chip recipient.

13:13: Ian Swan gone! He got it all in the Turn with KQ vs Gary Gracey's 66. The board was K62-2. River Queen no help and Ian was walking away with his fashionable man-bag. Gary just had him covered so a nice stack increase for him.

13:11: Robert Davidson out. He was unlucky as he got AK all in on a low Flop vs Andrew Feenan's AQ but the Q-ball on the River sealed his fate.

13:10: Quick count and 6 players have not arrived yet!

13:07: Looks like quite a few players are stuck in traffic! Long tailback on the Forth Road Bridge.

13:06: Reminder of the prizes. Still a long way to go with 68 back today!

1 £13,280            
2 £8,670                
3 £5,430                        
4 £3,530                        
5 £2,410                        
6 £1,810                        
7 £1,440                        
8 £1,160                        
9 £970                        
10 £850                        
11 £760                        
12 £690                        
13 £620                        
14 £560                        
15 £560                        
16 £510                        
17 £510                        
18 £460                        
19 £460                        
20 £460                        
21 £420                        
22 £420                        
23 £420

13:05: Man down! We lose Stevie Bangham in the first hand (he only came back with 3k) with A6 all in preflop vs KK. He couldn't get there and the fairytale spin up is over at the first stage.

13:03: Shuffle up and deal!

13:02: David Girdwood from Aberdeen tucking into a Maybury Breakfast as we kick things off:

12:58: Players seated ready to go. Here is the table draw:

12:46: Dealers ready, chip bags in place. Not long to go.

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