25/25 Series Dundee II - Day 2 - Level 20 (8000/16000/1500)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 12th October 2014 @ 20:25


21:28: 5.8million in play. Average now 580k. Once we lose another player we'll take a 30-40 minute break before the FT kicks off.

21:22: David G celebrating his nice hand with The Bolt:

21:20: We are playing 2 tables of 5 now, Hand for Hand on the FT Bubble. Here are the remaining competitors:

Table 1
Maj Iqbal
Andy Rooney
Richie Doonan
Gavin McGuire
Chris Craig

Table 2
Michael Crawford
Norman Wilkie
Billy Mundh
Colin McConaghy
Davie Gallagher

21:18: Big one there! Mark Cuggy taken out by Davie Gallagher. Just caught it on the A84 Flop where Davie check/raised Mark's 40k bet all in. Mark tank/called off his remaining 300k and showed AT. Davie had 44 for a Set and it held up! Cuggy 11th £760.

21:12: 11 players left. Average stack 527k. The final table will be 9 handed so 2 more to go. Reminder of the payouts:

1 £13,280            
2 £8,670                
3 £5,430                        
4 £3,530                        
5 £2,410                        
6 £1,810                        
7 £1,440                        
8 £1,160                        
9 £970                        
10 £850                        
11 £760                        
12 £690 Leon Sarandis
13 £620 Neil Feenan
14 £560 Gary Gracey
15 £560 Bob Cummings
16 £510 Stewart Hay
17 £510 Stuart White
18 £460 GK Kamal
19 £460 David Girdwood
20 £460 Alan Baillie
21 £420 Andrew Feenan
22 £420 Jamie Duffy
23 £420  Chris Barclay

21:08: Leon Sarandis out in 12th for £690! All in preflop with QQ vs Michael Crawford's AK. An Ace and a King on the Flop sealed the deal. Very nice run of hands for Michael. He has over 1million now!

21:06: 3 of the best railbirds in Edinburgh:

21:01: Lost Neil Feenan in 13th! His 66 all in preflop vs Michael Crawford's QQ didn't get there.

20:58: Maj tried a wee trap there from the SB vs BB with AQ. He just limped in. No raise from Andy R though. Maj ended up winning, picking off a Four High bluff with Ace High.

20:56: Gavin opns the cut-off to 34k, Chris C 3bets the Button to 80k. Gavin........folds.

20:53: Gavin opens the Button for 34k. Billy M shoves from the BB. Gavin.............folds.

20:49: Norman Wilkie all in 142k with AQ vs Colin McConaghy's AK. Queen High board and Norman doubles! Still 13 left.

20:46: Gavin McG opens the Button to 34k. Billy M calls from the BB. Flop KdTc9h. Billy checks. Gavin bets 34k. Billy calls. Turn 5c. Billy checks. Gavin bets 95k. Billy folds.

20:44: Gavin McGuire raises to 40k from the SB, Chris Craig shoves all in! Gavin folds.

20:43: Neil opens for 35k again. Michael 3bets to 95k from the SB this time. Neil folds.

20:41: Here we go! Neil Feenan opens to 35k from the Hijack. Michael Crawford calls from the BB. Flop Tc9c5h. Check, Neil bets 25k. Michael calls. Turn 6d. Check/Check. River 9h. Michael bets 55k. Wins.

20:34: Latest approximate counts:

Table 1
Maj Iqbal 401k
Andy Rooney 510k
Richie Doonan 1,210k
Gavin McGuire 330k
Chris Craig 200k
Billy Mundh 575k

Table 2
Michael Crawford 450k
Norman Wilkie 123k
Mark Cuggy 530k
Neil Feenan 415k
Colin McConaghy 525k
Davie Gallagher 410k
Leon Sarandis 165k

20:26: Break time!

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