25/25 Series Edinburgh - Flight C - Level 9 (600/1200/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 11th October 2014 @ 19:12


19:43: Remaining competitors:

19:34: Down to 36 players now.

19:29: GK wins the £40 seat! #massivedonkey

19:25: Double up from a 12k stack for David Weeks. Scott Townshend crippled on about 2.5k.

19:20: Would you like a free £40 entry into Monday's tournament here at The Maybury? Simply get up on your chair right now and shout "I AM A MASSIVE DONKEY".

You have to be still involved in the tournament and you'll have to pay the £5 registration fee. So far John Stirling and Neil Feenan have won £40 entries over the last couple of days! The first player to do this wins. Don't make me wait all day please.

19:16: 2 levels left to play now and we still have 44 players.

19:15: Ewan Brown up to 140k now:

19:14: Back in action. Here's an update from Jonny Lynas:

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