25/25 Series Edinburgh - Flight C - Level 7 (400/800/75)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 11th October 2014 @ 17:22


18:05: David Cheung qualified yesterday but has been hanging around today scouting out the opposition. Solid dedication.

18:03: Val Gray also heading for the rail.

18:02: Ross Loggie down.

18:00: Down to 58 players now. Philip Chan opens to 2k from the hijack. Chris Ferguson calls from the cut-off. Flop 9h8h2h. Philip bets 5k. Chris shoves all in (he has Philip covered). Philip has about 16k behind. He......folds.

17:59: David "Dov" Gray out from Table 4.

17:57: Another Blind on Blind Battle between Chris F and Stuart F. Checked to the River after a limp and a check preflop. Chris takes it with a river bet.

17:56: Shaun B shoves all in. Steals the blinds and antes.

17:55: Shaun asking the table who is going to double up him now.

17:51: Shaun B limps the Button for 800. Thomas Mullen in the SB calls and Robert Davidson in the BB shoves all in for 8,225. Shaun calls, Thomas folds. It's Robert's 33 vs Shaun's KJ. The pair holds and Robert doubles. Shaun now down to about 11k.

17:49: Neil Feenan opens to 1.7k, Gerry Kane shoves all in. Everyone folds including Neil. Gerry says "Not enough chips for a standard raise".

17:48: Hugh Cairne limps the SB and Shaun B moves all in from the BB. Hugh folds. Shaun shows QQ!

17:47: Shaun B opens to 1.8k once more time. No action though. He shows AJo.

17:45: Shaun B opens to 1.8k again (with about 14k behind). Chris F calls from the cut -off. Flop As5c2s. Shaun open-shoves his 14k immediately and Chris folds. Shaun lets the table see his T7o (no Spades).

17:43: Shaun Bennett opens to 1.8k. Chris Ferguson calls from the Button. Neil Feenan in the BB 3bets to 4.5k. Shaun folds after a wee think. Chris also folds. Neil says he had KK.

17:41: Down to 63 players now over 6 tables. Chris Ferguson limps the SB into Stuart Ferguson's BB (no relation). J95. Check/Check. Turn 6. Check/Check. River 3. Check and Stuart bets 1.6k. Chris calls. Stuart shows Q9 for 2nd Pair and it's good.

17:40: Still on Table 1, Shaun Bennett opens to 2k. Wins it. Shows AK.

17:39: Hugh Cairnie opens for 2.6k on Table 1. Wins the blinds and antes.

17:37: Back in action. Level 7 of 10 today. Updates from Ewan Brown and Jonny Lynas:

17:35: Latest approx counts of the biggers stacks:

Ewan Brown 110k
Neil Feenan 100k
Stephen MacKay 77k
Thomas Mullen 74k
Alan Baillie 72k
Paul Thomson 72k
Norman Wilkie 70k
Makka Hussain 70k
Chris Ferguson 68k
Dany Coll 60k
Lesley Devine 55k
Stuart Wilson 55k
GK Kamal 53k
Davie Gallagher 50k
Jonny Lynas 49k
Andy Rooney 48k
Eddie Gaines 45k
David Weeks 45k
Tracey Dunn 45k
Graham Pilkington 41k
Dennis Kennedy 39k
Paul Simmons 35k
Scott Townshend 34k

17:22: Break time! Chip counts coming soon.

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