25/25 Series Edinburgh - Flight C - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 11th October 2014 @ 15:07


15:55: Ho Ming James Lau just tried to bluff Davie Gallagher there. Davie had AJ and flopped an Ace. Ho Ming had 7s6s for a Flush Draw and rivered a pair but kept firing. Davie made the call and dragged in the chips. Decent pot; the river bet was 7.2k.

15:42: Down to 84 from the 91 that started Flight C. It's gonna be a long afternoon. Well, until 8.30pm when we finish up anyway. There are already 40 players through to Day 2 from the first 2 flights and probably another 30 odd from today.

15:38: Makka Hussain involved today but he must be really bored as he's reading a poker magazine:

15:35: 3-way all in preflop on Table 2 but Iain Martin (red cap) can't get his TT to hold vs 2 x AKs and he's out.

15:27: Back in action. Final count is 91 for Flight C giving us a grand total of 232 and a £46,400 prize pool. Absolutely incredible turnout! We finish about 8.30pm tonight and start back for Day 2 at 1pm tomorrow.

15:19: Update from Edinburgh Leg Champ from 2013 Ewan Brown:

15:18: Chip counts from the break:

Marucs Dole 61k
Danny Chan 60k
Gary Bertram 53k
Stuart Wilson 51k
Graham Pilkington 44k
Lesley Devine 44k
Ho Ming James Lau 42k
Ewan Brown 39k
Chris Ferguson 39k
Vince Calenti 39k
Jonathan McRitchie 39k
Alan Baillie 38k
Michael John MacKenzie 38k
Hugh McPherson 38k
Eddie Gaines 37k
Dany Coll 37k
Stephen MacKay 34k
Gerry Kane 34k
Norman Wilkie 33k

15:07: Players on a 15 minute break.

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