25/25 Series Edinburgh - Flight C - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 11th October 2014 @ 12:39


13:50: Lost Francesco Russo.

13:29: Full seating chart:

13:26: Up to 65 now.  Prize pool £41,200!

13:25: Here is Table 1 which I'm sitting next to:

13:18: Up to 61 now. Cracked the 200 total runners number. Prize pool now £40,400.

13:17: David "Dov" Gray has his lucky fish so should be a lock for Day 2:

13:14: Kyle Sutherland wins his first hand:

13:11: Finally got some players using Twitter with the #252edinburgh tag today! @AntManB is Ewan Brown, the winner of last year's Edinburgh leg! Jonny Lynas says he's playing today but yet to arrive.

13:07: We are under way and have 50 players already! Looks like it's going to a huge flight! Now 191 total involved in the tournament.

12:54: Getting busy now. 34 registered and plenty still queuing up.

12:46: Good news - the WIFI is working again!

12:40: 20 minutes till we start Flight C. 13 registered at the moment.

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