25/25 Series Edinburgh - Flight B - Level 9 (600/1200/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 11th October 2014 @ 0:55


01:45: Grant McIntosh out. His 33 vs Todd's JJ all in preflop. Todd hit a Set for good measure.

01:38: Paul Green taken out by Jamie Duffy.

01:33: Todd Cairns on about 160k and keen to catch Flight A chip leader John Stirling (175k).

01:32: Jim Thomson out. 32 left.

01:30: Ian Laird out! Sore one as his AK couldn't hold up vs Paddy Doonan's (pictured) AJ all in preflop. Ace on the Flop, Jack on the Turn.

01:26: Average Stack about 60k now. 34 left from 82. Last night 15 made it through to Day 2 from 59.

01:25: Plenty chips for Richard Dewar now:

01:11: Some Black 25k chips are now in play.

01:10: Here we go, back in action. 2 more 40-min levels and we're done.

01:02: Spot the Difference Competition:


01:00: 34 players remain:

00:55: 15 minute break. 25 chips being raced off.

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