25/25 Series Edinburgh - Flight B - Level 10 (800/1600/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 11th October 2014 @ 1:49


02:40: Flight B over. 25 made it. Flight C 1pm Saturday. See you there!

02:26: Playing 5 more hands then game over. George Gilhooley just lost a pot and is down to 4k (under 3bb).

02:11: The Doonan Brothers united on Table 2 now!

02:09: Down to 27 over 3 tables. 22 minutes left!

01:56: No fairytale for Neil though; out next hand :-(

01:55: Neil Feenan shoves all (well, most) of his chips in the middle and gets a call. He keeps his "lucky" 1k chip behind. Amazingly both players check it down all the way and Neil loses with 66 to Stewart Hay's 99.

01:52: Blinds up! Last level of the day.

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