25/25 Series Edinburgh - Flight B - Level 7 (400/800/75)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 10th October 2014 @ 23:30


00:15: Leon Sarandis has been picking up some nice cards recently. Aces, Jacks and he's now won with KK vs AA, taking out poor George Dick.

00:10: We have a winner! Neil Feenan got up and shouted it and wins a £40 seat into Monday's tournament.

00:02: Would anyone like a free £40 seat into Monday's £1.5k guaranteed freezeout here at The Maybury? The first person still in the tournament to stand up on their chair now and shout "SCOTTISH POKER PLAYERS ARE THE BEST" will win it. It's that simple! You have to pay the £5 registration fee but still a great deal.

23:58: Down to 44 players now. 5 tables all in the main poker room.

23:54: Maybury regular David Cheung smiling today:

23:51: Gregor Deas out too.

23:50: Dundee Champ Dany Coll out with QQ vs AA. Down to 48 now.

23:47: Chip Leader, Todd Cairns:

23:43: Conor Ogg on probably the toughest table in the room:

23:43: Latest approximate chip counts:

Todd Cairns 145k
Shane Jan Ross 103k
Richard Dewar 96k
Elaine Dorrian 68k
Ian Laird 67k
Chris Barclay 66k
Neil Feenan 60k
George Devine 55k
Matthew Bowron 56k
Richard Doonan 53k
David Cheung 57k

23:25: Players on a 15 minute break.

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