25/25 Series Edinburgh - Flight B - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 10th October 2014 @ 21:03


21:47: Todd Cairns and Neil Feenan both very talkative on Table 3:

21:44: Dariusz Bulak (left) and John Angus (right) on Table 5:

21:42: Eldon Orr (left) out with AK vs QQ all in preflop. Neil Feenan (right) did the damage. 68 left from 82 now.

21:28: Flight B registration closed:

Flight A - 59 players
Flight B - 82 players
Flight C - Saturday 1pm

So far we have 141 players generating £28,200 in prize money!

21:16: Players coming back for Level 4. Here are some approximate top stacks from around the room:

Shane Jan Ross 68k
Elaine Dorrian 62k
Todd Cairns 60k
Richard Dewar 55k
Gary Bertram 48k
Dariuz Bulak 46k
Blair Smith 42k
Richard Doonan 42k
Conor Ogg 41k
Amit Patni 41k
Paul Tenbruck 40k
Dany Coll 39k
Allan Millar 39k
Stewart Hay 38k
David Cheung 38k
Matthew Bowron 37k

21:03: Players on a 15 minute break.

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