25/25 Series Edinburgh - Flight B - Level 3 (100/200)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 10th October 2014 @ 20:24


21:01: 15 minute break.

21:00: Chris Barclay all in preflop with QJ vs Jamie Duffy's AA. Two Pair on the River for Chris to double up his short stack.

20:53: Ian Wright from Aberdeen eliminated but straight back in with a re-entry.

20:50: Anyone see Kim Jong-un playing Flight A last night?

20:49: Break in 12 minutes. Will try to get the biggest stacks during it and start to report some interesting hands after we start back.

20:41: Up to 77 tonight so £27,400 collected.

20:39: Samuel Price, Findlay Meechan and Tony Crolla on Table 7:

20:38: Davie Gallagher, Shane Jan Ross and Sharon Elliot, also on Table 8:

20:37: Rab Welsh from Glasgow on Table 8:

20:36: Paul "Black Flash" Gupta back for another go tonight after having no luck in Flight A:

20:34: 25/25 regular David Weeks (left) and Jed Elliot on Table 2:

20:31: Another Champ in the house is Dany Coll (left, in the cap) who took down the last leg in Dundee in August. He is accompanied by Ian Wright (tongue out) and Gordon Anderson (right).

20:28: We have the Glasgow Merchant City leg Champion from June playing tonight, Craig Smith (left). On the right is Paul Tenbruck. Quite a lively table with Todd Cairns, Thomas Partridge, Neil Feenan and Conor Ogg also present.

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