25/25 Series Edinburgh - Flight A - Level 9 (600/1200/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 10th October 2014 @ 0:55


01:50: Big pot for Billy Mundh (left) vs Gavin McGuire (right, head down). Billy hit a Full House with A5 and Gavin had Trip Fives. Gavin down to about 5k and Billy now sitting pretty.

01:43: Last 18:

01:37: Down to 18 players over 2 tables now. 53 minutes left to play tonight.

01:32: New Black 25k chips in play.

01:30: Huge pot on Table 3 between Kevin Finnie (AK, pictured head in hands) and Mark Cuggy (88, red hoodie) all in preflop after a raising war. Cuggy's Eights held up and he took 82k from Kevin who is now short.

01:29: Maj up to about 170k now. Could be chip leader.

01:27: Forte Crolla out. Dispatched by Maj Iqbal.

01:26: Double up for Billy Mundh with AK vs 77.

01:16: It's important to make yourself comfortable at the poker table so you can play your best game:

01:13: Paul Simmons out first hand after the break.

01:12: Back in action. Here are the remaining 21 players:

01:02: A selection of very approximate chip counts from around the room:

Colin McConaghy 135k
Kevin Finnie 112k
Maj Iqbal 100k
Andrew Feenan 90k
Robert Knight 90k
David Gillies 85k
Mark Cuggy 80k
John Stirling 65k

00:55: 15 minute break.

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