25/25 Series Edinburgh - Flight A - Level 8 (500/1000/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 10th October 2014 @ 0:15


00:55: Players on the last break of the night. 2 more levels to play when they come back.

00:54: Willie Paxton out. His Two Pair (K8) no good vs Stuart White's flopped Flush. Somewhat ironic that he busted with his son's favourite hand.

00:53: Aces for Maj Iqbal but no callers.

00:46: Looks like Willie has since doubled up.

00:45: Willie Paxton in Short Stack Shocker:

00:41: Some players that have been increasing their stacks recently:

Kevin Finnie

Colin McConaghy

Mark Cuggy

Maj Iqbal

00:34: We still have a £1/2 NL cash game running here at The Maybury. Currently 6 handed so seats available if you want to join the action.

00:31: David Cheung now out. Now left with 26 players.

00:29: Jonny Gray, James Gray Jnr and Gavin McGuire at Table 2:

00:28: Andrew Feenan shortly after taking out Ronnie Law:

00:26: David Cheung in action. Nice Maybury Poker polo.

00:20: Blinds up.

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