25/25 Series Edinburgh starts tonight!

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th October 2014 @ 11:43


The 25/25 Series Edinburgh starts tonight at 7pm! It's a £200+£20 freezeout with a £25,000 unconditional guarantee. 25k starting stack with 40 minute levels on Day 1 and 45 minute on Day 2. Fully dealer dealt. Late registration will be 9.15pm tonight.

There are 3 starting flights, 1 per day:
Flight A @ 7pm, Thursday 9th October
Flight B @ 7pm, Friday 10th October
Flight C @ 1pm, Saturday 11th October

Each starting Flight will play 10 levels and will last approx 7.5 hours. This includes 3 x 15 min breaks.

Re-entry (up till end of Level 3 plus the 15 min break) is allowed once in each Flight so that's 6 entries maximum per player.

The final day on Sunday starts at 1pm and is played to a conclusion.

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