25/25 Series Edinburgh - Flight A - Level 7 (400/800/75)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th October 2014 @ 23:20


00:10: Shortie Ronnie Law out with 96o vs Andrew Feenan's KQ all in preflop and with eyes closed.

00:09: Paul Gupta out.

00:00: Gordon Wood now a goner.

23:56: Double up for Gavin McGuire (AQ) vs Gordon Wood (AK) all in preflop. Gordon in trouble with about 3bb left!

23:53: Conor Ogg (QQ) taken out by Kyle Swan (AJ). All in preflop. The Ace hit. Down to 30 players.

23:51: Second in chips, Alan Brown:

23:48: Colin McConaghy (left) opens to 1.6k and is called by John Stirling (right) in position and Alan Brown from the BB. Flop AhKsKh. Colin bets 2k, John calls and Alan folds. Turn 5d. Check/Check. River 4d. Colin checks and John bets. Colin folds it.

23:56: Steven Campbell (left) out. He was unlucky with QQ all in preflop vs Stuart White's JJ. Stuart (right) spiked a Jack on the flop to win.

23:33: Shuffling up again in 1 minute. 4 more levels to go tonight. 33 remaing from the 59 that started.

23:28: Here are the top stacks at the break:

John Stirling 121k
Alan Brown 111k
Andrew Feenan 89k
Maj Iqbal 80k
David Gillies 79k
Steven Duncan 66k
Stuart White 66k
Mark Cuggy 63k
Robert Knight 62k
Forte Crolla 58k
Billy Mundh 56k
LLoyd Swan 40k

23:20: Players on a break now. Here is John Stirling winning the £40 tournament entry competition earlier:



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