25/25 Series Edinburgh - Flight A - Level 4 (150/300/25)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th October 2014 @ 21:02


21:47: Reading this blog and participating in the tournament tonight? Be the first player to stand up on your chair right now and shout "I HAVE THE SEXIEST DEALER IN EDINBURGH" and you will win a free £40 entry into the Maybury's Monday night £1.5k guaranteed tournament next week. All you have to pay is the £5 registration fee.

21:46: Bruce Wyper out. Stuart Ebdy in trouble after losing a lot of chips with KK vs AK.

21:37: Here's a shot of the poker room with me waving from the Blogging Station in the back!

21:27: Vince Crolla eliminated by Paul Addy on Table 4. Vince moved all in the Turn with Qc7d and Paul looked up him with JJ. The board was 9h5h3h-Ts. The Th River made Paul a Flush although his over-pair was already good before that.

21:16: Back in action. Level 4 here we go! 10 levels tonight and we'll be done about 2.30am. Final count for Flight A is 59.

21:11: Some of the biggest stacks from around the room:

David Gilles

John Stirling

Alan Brown

21:02: Players on a 15 minute break now. We have 56 entries so far (including 5 re-entries). Registration closes at the end of this break.

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