25/25 Series Edinburgh - Flight A - Level 2 (75/150)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th October 2014 @ 19:45


20:26: Nice pot for Roddy Morrison there with a Flush.

20:22: GUKPT Edinburgh runner up from earlier in the year, Jonny Gray, has arrived and entered the tournament.

20:20: Maj Iqbal out next hand when he was all in preflop with A7 for his last 1,025 vs Vince's 33. Looks like he's off to the desk for a re-entry. Players are allowed one re-entry per flight so 6 bullets in total over the 3 days.

20:19: Trouble for Maj next hand as he loses most of his remaining stack to Vince Crolla. Maj got it in with the Nut Straight on the Turn vs Vince's King High Flush Draw which got there.

20:14: Forte Crolla raises to 300 which is called in 3 spots. Flop 7c5c3s. Checked to Maj Iqbal who bets 1k. Roddy Morrison and Forte both call. Turn Ac. Both check to Maj and he bets 1.5k. Both call. River 9s. Roddy checks but now Forte fires 2k. Maj calls and Roddy calls. Forte turns over QcTc for the Flush and takes it down. Roddy says he had a Nine High Flush and Maj says it's a shame the board didn't pair on the end.

20:13: On Table 4 Vince Crollo raises to 500 from he SB and is called Michael Conroy from the BB. Vince bets another 500 on the AJT flop and takes it down.

20:08: Here are the 5 tables although we're just about to add a sixth:

20:06: We hae a £1/2 NL cash game starting right now.

20:01: Recent arrivals include Stuart Ebdy, Xia Ke and Davie Gallagher. 46 now.

20:00: Steven Campbell and James Gray Jnr must be catching up on the latest from the blog...

19:59: Here is Conor Ogg with TD John Manzie in the background:

19:56: Here are Robert Robertson and David Ho at Table 3:

19:55: 4 tables in the main room now and 1 next door. Up to 43 players. Nice carpet as well.

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