25/25 Series Edinburgh - Flight A - Level 1 (50/100)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 9th October 2014 @ 18:43


19:35: First hand at Table 4 Paul Gupta opens for 350 and Vince 3bets to 4k (yes, four thousand) from the BB! Paul decides to get away from it. Vince said he had to protect his hand.

19:33: Up to 34 players now. I am situated beside the new table, Table 4. Right in front of me are Vince Crolla and Maj Iqbal so it should be a fun (and talkative) table.

19:26: Plenty of regulars on the Scottish poker scene involved already including William Paxton, Willie Leckie, David Ho, Colin Wu, David Gillies, David Cheung, Gavin McGuire, Conor Ogg, Gordon Wood, Mark Cuggy, Brian Tannerhill, Robert Robertson, Steven Campbell and James Gray Jnr.

19:25: Players start with 25k in chips. Here are the different demoninations in play:

19:24: Don't fold out of turn or you'll get an immediate penalty. Steven Campbell was on the receiving end of one in the first hand! He won the pot so wasn't all bad.

19:22: A few technical difficultes with my laptop there but back in business now! We are under way with Flight A and have 29 players so far so things are looking good. Here is TD John Manzie welcoming the players and reminding them of the usual rules:

18:44: Getting ready to start here at The Maybury casino in Edinburgh. We shuffle up at 7pm.

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