25/25 Series Dundee II - Final Table - Level 26 (30000/60000/6000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 11th August 2014 @ 1:17


02:00: Grant 120k. Dany calls. Flop QdQc8c. Dany checks. Grant bets 100k. Dany calls. Turn Td. Dany checks. Grant bets 125k. Dany raises to 275k. Grant folds it.

01:59: Stacks:

Dany Coll 2,300k
Grant Cooper 1,900k

01:56: Grant at risk with KJ vs Dany's A4. Grant gets there with two pair and doubles up! This ain't over yet!

01:55: Dany all in. Call....

01:55: Grant open shoves all in. Dany folds.

01:54: Dany folds his magic button thing.

01:53: Grant 120k. Dany calls. Flop Kd9h6h. Dany checks. Grant bets 100k. Dany calls. Turn 2c. Check/Check. River 7c. Check/Check Dany's 6c4s is good.

01:52: Dany folds his button.

01:51: Grant 120k on the button. Dany shoves. Grant folds. Dany shows an Ace.

01:49: Dany makes it 120k on the Button. Grant calls. Flop QcTh7h. Grant checks. Dany bets and it's called. Turn 5h. Grant checks. Dany bets 100k. Grant calls. River 9h. Dany checks. His Q4 top pair is good.

01:48: Grant folds his button. Dany had AJ!

01:47: 3 button folds in a row.

01:42: Latest:

Dany Coll 2,900k
Grant Cooper 1,300k

01:40: A few pots going both ways.

01:34: Stack flip:

Dany Coll 2,500k
Grant Cooper 1,700k

01:33: Dany all in 1.2 million with A8. Grant called with QJ. Dany hits two pair and gets a big double up.

01:32: Grant 120k. Dany all in. Grant..............calls!

01:31: Dany 120k. Grant folds.

01:30: Grant 120k. Dany calls. Flop Kd9c2s. Check/Check. Turn Ah. Dany check/calls 100k. River Js. Dany checks. Grant bets 150k. Dany calls. Grant's A2 two pair wins.

01:29: Dany 120k. Grant folds.

01:28: Grant 120k. Dany shoves all in. Grant folds.

01:27: Dany 120k. Grant  folds.

01:26: Grant folds his button.

01:24: Dany opens to 120k. Grant calls. Flop 9s5s5d. Check/Check. Turn 9d. Check/Check. River Tc. Grant checks. Dany bets 130k. Grant calls with K8, King High and it's good.

01:23: Grant  120k. Dany calls. Flop Ah9c7d. Dany check/calls a 100k bet. Turn 3c. Dany checks. Grant checks. River Jc. Dnay checks. Grant checks and shows K6. Dnay has 98o and wins.

01:22: Dany 120k. Grant folds.

01:21: Dany down to about 1.2 million now. 3 million for Grant.

01:19: Some words of encouragement for Dany from Louis Paxton:

01:18: Dany 150k. Wins it. Shows AQ. Says he had that last hand as well

11th August 2014 @ 2:07
Dennis Kennedy
Take it down Danny Bhoy let's av it
11th August 2014 @ 2:31
He did.
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