25/25 Series Dundee II - Final Table - Level 25 (25000/50000/5000)

by MARTIN J SMITH on 11th August 2014 @ 0:31


01:16: Grant 100k. Dany 3bets to 250k. Grant calls. Flop Kh9c5c. Dany bets 175k. Grant calls. Turn Jd. Dany checks. Grant bets 450k. Dany folds.

01:15: Stacks:

Dany Coll 1,800k
Grant Cooper 2,400k

01:12: Dany 100k. Grant calls. Flop Ad8d4d. Check/Check. Turn 8s. Grant bets 60k. Dany calls. River 8h. Grant checks. Dany checks. Pocket 5s are good for Grant's house. Dany had K4.

01:11: I think it's time to call this an Epic Heads Up Battle.

01:09: Dany opens, Grant calls. Flop Js6d4h. Check/Check. Turn Jd. Grant bets 75k. Call. River 2h. Grant 200k. Coll folds.

01:08: Grant opens. Dany folds.

01:07: Dany calls. Grant checks. Flop AdTc5d. Check/Check. Turn 9h. Grant checks. Dany bets 50k. Grant calls. River 7c. Grant checks. Dany bets 125k. Grant calls. Dany has Th5h for two pair and it's good.

01:06: Grant 100k. Dany 3bets to 250k. Grant.......................folds it.

01:05:  Dany 100k. Grant calls. Flop Ac9s6s. Grant checks. Dany bets and wins.

01:01: Grants opens 100k. Dany calls. Flop KhTc3s. Check/Check. Turn 2d. Dany bets 100k. Wins.

01:00: Grants opens 100k. Dany calls. Flop Qc8d5h. Grant wins with a c-bet.

00:59: Dany opens 100k. Grant calls. Flop Ts9h5s. Check/Check/. Turn 2s. Check/Check. River Js. Check/Check. Dany wins with 75o, pair of Fives.

00:57: Counts:

Dany Coll 1,800k
Grant Cooper 2,400k

00:56: Grant makes it 100k. Dany calls. Flop JcTs3s. Dany checks. Grant bets 60k. Wins.

00:55: Dany wins a wee one.

00:54: Grant folds his Button.

00:52: Dany opens 100k. Grant calls. Flop AcKs2s. Check/Check. Turn Kh. Grant checks. Dany checks. River 3s. Grant checks. Dany bets 75k. Grant mucks it.

00:49: Grant opens 100k. Dany calls. Flop KdJc6s. Check/Check. Turn 2d. Dany checks. Grant bets 75k. Dany makes it 150k. Grant calls. River 5h. Dany bets 300k. Grant calls. Dany wins with K4o, top pair.

00:47: Didn't catch the full action but Dany just folded KK face up after Grant shoved the River. Board QhJd9d-4d-7c. Dany now at 1.3 million vs 2.9 million.

00:45: Stacks:

Dany Coll 1,700k
Grant Cooper 2,500k

00:42: Dany calls on the Button. Grant checks. Flop Kh9h6h. Dany bets 50k when checked to. Grant calls. Turn 7s. Grant checks. Dany bets 110k. Grant raises to 300k. Dany ships all in! Grant snap-calls! It's Dany's 7h5h (flopped flush) vs Grant's Th8c (straight with a flush redraw). Double up for Dany.

00:41: Grant opens his Button to 100k. Dany 3bets to 200k. Grant folds.

00:40: Dany folds his Button.

00:39: Dany now short with about 900k vs Grant's 2,300k.

00:37: Dany opens the Button for 100k. Grant 3bets to 250k. Dany calls. Flop Kh6s6d. Grant bets 150k. Dany calls. Turn 9h. Grant checks. Dany bets 210k. Grant calls! River 3c. Grant checks quickly. Dany checks. Grant TIDs with JJ.

00:36: Grant opens the Button. Wins it.

00:33: Dany opens the Button for 110k. Grant calls. Flop 8s5d4c. Check/Check. Turn 7s. Check/Check. River 7d. Grant bets 100k. Dany calls. Grant wins with J7 for Trips.

00:32: Grant makes it 100k from the Button. Coll calls. Fop Ac9c3c. Check/Check. Turn 9s. Dany bets 75k. Grant calls. River Ks. Dany bets 210k. Grant folds.

11th August 2014 @ 0:49
Say Hello if you're still awake and ready this! Cheers
11th August 2014 @ 0:51
11th August 2014 @ 1:02
Andy H
Following it with a bunch of others inc Grants Brother in Aberdeen. Good work Martin.
11th August 2014 @ 1:06
Yep...... Coll is a MACHINE!
11th August 2014 @ 1:07
Willie Elliot
Doing a great job Martin, you've put in some shift this weekend. GG sir.
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